January Empties 2019:

January Empties 2019

Happy February 1st! To kick off the month, I’m going to talk about my monthly empties, which is everything I’ve used up from January. It’s a surprisingly large number of products compared to what I was expecting, as I anticipated some of these products stretching out a bit longer. I really enjoy keeping my empties in this basket (I have another of the same size for my products I pass on to mum) as it let’s me compartmentalise the products and see in visually pleasing sort of way what’s going to be thrown out (or recycled where possible). As someone with a stash of backlogged products, this let’s me see the progress in reducing the amount of clutter that’s in my office, so this is quite cathartic for me. With that said though, let’s jump in.

January Empties 2019

Beginning with skincare, I used up the Botanical Lab Pumpkin & Papaya Enzyme Daily Exfoliator which sat in my night time routine. I reviewed this relatively recently, so if you’d like my full opinion on the product, I encourage you to read it. A shorter review: it was a decent product and an easy to get hold of replacement for the COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner which I adore. I did note in my review that I’m not 100% certain if the Botanical Lab is cruelty-free, so for now, I’m too hesitant to decide if I’d buy from them again. If you have any information regarding their cruelty-free status, please leave a comment with your sources. I’m fascinated by this topic.

The second is another product I’ve reviewed recently, which is the Olay 2in1 Cleanser & Toner. It was a good cleanser and toner step in one for my morning skincare routine, but as far as information claims at the time of writing, Olay are not a cruelty-free brand, so I will not be repurchasing this product or any other of their products until reliable information claims they are cruelty-free. I did find I worked through this bottle really quickly, which is a bit of pain, but it has let me move on to a new product to try out instead.

January Empties 2019

Next we have a face mask, which has sat in my bathroom for a while now. This is the Quick Fix Facials Anti-Blemish Mud Mask, which I have also reviewed. I really enjoyed using this mud mask on my T-zone before I jump in the shower, as part of my multi-masking routine. I have other masks from this brand back logged in my stash, so do expect to see them eventually, but I’m not really sure if the brand is cruelty-free. I’m struggling to find information that says whether they are or not, so I don’t plan to buy more from brand going forward until I see trustworthy information that confirms it for me.

A desk-friend that I’m considering ’empty’ now, is the Soap & Glory Endless Glove 2-in-1 Moisture Mask and Hand Cream, which I reviewed way back in 2015. This is a backup tube that I eventually pulled out around a year ago. I’ve finally reached a point where I’m struggling to squeeze any product out of the tube, so while there’s still a tiny bit in there, I’m considering this used up. I don’t want to faff around cutting open tubes or taking lids off bottles. It’s a decent enough hand cream, and for short term benefits it works great. But I’m not sure I find it to be great long-term, as it’s a “apply frequently” formula for me. As someone who works at a desk and doesn’t like having a grimy feeling keyboard and mouse (or my hands for that matter) having to reapply hand creams frequently isn’t ideal for me. If that’s not an issue for you, feel free to disregard that criticism, but that’s my 2-cents on it.

Lastly for this section, is another desk-friend which is the Creation’s Garden Anti-Aging Eye Serum, which has been my go-to roll-on eye product throughout the day when my eyes need refreshing or I’m feeling a headache come on. For the most part, it’s a placebo effect, but it’s nice to grab this when I’m taking a moment to have a break and just roll this over the eye area. I have no idea if Creation’s Garden is cruelty-free since there isn’t a lot of information about this brand so I won’t be buying any new products from them for now.

January Empties 2019

A less exciting section are makeup wipes, but I used up two bags. I used both of these side by side initially, with the B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes being a replacement for the B. Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes that I’ve discussed before. I primarily used this bag for spot-cleaning my makeup brushes, which is does the job really well for. The second bag: the Superdrug Micellar Oil Cleansing Facial Wipes were what I had set aside for my face, but when I used that bag up, I stuck to using the B. wipes for both spot-cleaning brushes and removing makeup, until that bag was empty too. Both of these brands are cruelty-free, so I’m happy to have affordable options that I can reach for. I have a second bag of the B. makeup wipes on the go right now, so hopefully that vouches for them well enough.

January Empties 2019

Moving on to makeup, an ’empty’ I’m a little upset to be throwing out is the L’OREAL True Match Foundation in the shade ‘N1 Ivory‘. I bought this long before I went actively cruelty-free, but I pulled this out of my stash to test this out, since I wanted to try this before it went off… I was too late. The shade is a tiny bit too dark for my pale skin, but it was something I could work with, and I was optimistic. However, I’ve tested this a few times now and every time I wore this on my skin, my skin broke out with acne. I waited for the acne to heal before trying it again but the process just repeated itself. I have the feeling I waited too long to use this so I’m going to assume it’s my fault.

Another ’empty’ is the Collection Precision Contouring Stick which sadly hardened while it was stashed away. The lid for this little nightmare kept falling off while it was stored away so really I should have known better. So rather than fuss with it, I’m just going to throw it out. It’s sad because I was curious to try this out properly, but maybe I’ll buy this again and just use it straight away.

January Empties 2019

The last section has the B. Velvet Matte Lipstick in the shade ‘Frow‘. It’s a strange product, when swatched, it’s a beautiful muted-rose shade, which is a great my-lips-but-better shade for my lips, but when worn on my lips, it shifts to a medium purple toned pink instead… For the autumn I made it work, but I do find the formula a bit too drying. I was going to pass it on, but I have worn this lipstick while I’ve been sick with a cold, so I don’t feel okay giving this to anyone else to wear. So it’s just going to be thrown out instead.

Last of all for today’s empties, is the Dolly Wink pencil eyeliner in black. I bought this… Years ago. I remember ordering this specific pencil eyeliner off eBay by accident when I meant to order the liquid eyeliner. I ordered the liquid liner, but committed to my accidental purchase and now I’m seeing this product go. I worked through a fair amount of the pencil, but in the past month it felt like the formula has hardened and become too difficult to work with, which I’m assuming means it’s time to let it go. While I don’t personally think black pencil liner really looks good on me, I’m glad I used this and gave it a fair chance.

This concludes my January 2019 empties. I’m quite proud of myself for what I have used up, although it does include products I unfortunately had to let go of too. I will have my Products I’m Passing On post up tomorrow, so please consider giving that a read too. In the meantime, I hope you are happy and healthy, and thank you so much for your support.

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