Hollypop’s Summer Makeup Favourites 2018

Hollypop's Summer Makeup Favourites 2018

Happy Wednesday and today, I want to talk about a few hand-selected products from my makeup collection that have been my go-tos throughout summer this year. Makeup for me has been more of a ‘wear on occasion’ sort of thing, but when I have been wearing makeup, I’ve been reaching for a lot of the same things. So without further ado, I’m gonna jump in.

Starting with powders, I’ve been rotating between my Collection Pressed Powder in the shade ‘18 Ivory‘ and my Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder in ‘10 Classic Ivory‘. These are both powders that have come up on this blog over the years, and it’s simply because it’s taken so long to work through them. So as you can see, I’ve hit pan on both of these powders, and it’s been this way for 2 years. Yea, 2 years. You’ll see these mentioned in Friday’s post for reasons that will become clear then, but I absolutely adore these powders and can’t vouch for them enough if you have oily skin. So the reason I mention both of these powders and not one over the other is because I rotate between them for specific purposes. My Collection powder I use as a setting powder when I’m done applying my makeup, as it seals my makeup really nicely. My Maybelline powder I use as a touch-up mattifying powder, so this comes with me to my office throughout the day on days I wear makeup. Throughout summer particularly, I’ve been relying on both of these powders a lot, and I’m so happy to have had them in my collection.

Moving to the only blush I’m talking about today, this is the Limited Collection Blusher in the shade ‘Apricot‘ which I’ve talked about in my Review: Limited Blushers post. This is a really pretty pinky-peachy shade that’s really complimentary for my pale skin, and is also very fitting for the fresh summer colour themes that I think of when I think about summer. I’ve been really enjoying reaching for this powder, and it’s partially because I’d love to hit pan on this because the packaging is quite big and awkward to keep it organised in my makeup collection. It’s great because it’s not crazy pigmented, but pigmented enough to build up on my pale skin tone so it never looks clownish on me. But this will go back into hiding soon as I bring out more deeper, plummy-pinks for the autumn and winter, so I want to give this blush its credit since it really deserves it.

Moving down, the concealer I’ve been using almost exclusively for almost a year, but certainly through the summer is the concealer end of my E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in the shade ‘Fair/Glow‘. I love this concealer because it’s actually pale enough to remotely match my very pale skin, which is a struggle I have regardless of whether it’s drugstore/high street or high end. Although it’s designed as an under-eye concealer, I use this solely as a spot-concealer. It’s a very lightweight formula but it suits my preferences nicely since I prefer to have more natural looking makeup. I don’t need my skin to look flawless, but I do like to tone down some of my imperfections like acne scars, acne bumps, etc and this does that job well enough for me.

Moving down again, an eyeliner I’ve been enjoying using is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in the shade ‘004 Taupe‘. I’ve been loving this eyeliner for days when I’ve put together an eyeshadow look and want some attention for my lower lash line without using an intense shade. Applying this as a thin line at the root of the lower lashes adds a subtle touch of definition and makes my lashes look fuller without needing to coat my lower lashes in mascara. While I’m really fortunate to have long lashes (top and bottom), one of the downsides is that mascara transfers much more easily and using this liner for additional definition gets around that very annoying situation.

On the bottom left, a brush I think is worth mentioning is my Eco Tools Retractable Brush, which moves between my bedroom and my office with me. My brush has outdated packaging compared to what is listed on their site, but as far as I can tell, it’s the same product otherwise. I absolutely adore this brush, and I use this with my two powders I mentioned earlier, so it moves with me throughout the day.  I love that you can control the density of the brushes, although I usually let the hairs fan out completely because it’s still respectfully dense. I also love how travel-friendly it is because the packaging and the size are both great for fitting in a makeup bag or travel bag. This travels home with me when I visit my parents too, so it’s fair for me to say it’s my most-loved makeup brush.

Finally, on the bottom right, my Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in ‘Walking on Eggshells‘ has been a favourite pick throughout the summer months. This is in the old trio packaging, but I love how I can create very soft and subtle eyeshadow looks, but can also build it up to be more intense, especially if I pull in other eyeshadows from my collection with it. The lack of a proper transition crease shade is a bit of a downside for me, but I still love this trio anyway as I can use it on its own for a more subtle look. I’ve enjoyed reaching for this trio on days I want a subtle and warm eyeshadow look, which has been much more often than normal as I normally prefer cooler shades that suit my pale neutral-cool skin tone.

An honourary mention that I chose not to include is my The Body Shop Brow Definer in the shade ‘03 Dark Brown‘. I reviewed this product very recently, which you can read here. While this product is certainly deserving of a spot in this post, I chose not to mention it because it’s the only brow pencil I’m using since I prefer to work through one brow pencil, powder, etc at a time, so I have fewer makeup products go off before I can finish using them. You may have noticed that most of the products mentioned are powder-based, so they have a much longer shelf-life. This is so I don’t feel so imposed to work through them with as much dedication or as quickly.

This concludes my summer 2018 favourites. I’ve been enjoying a lot of other makeup products but these are the ones I feel deserve a special shoutout, as they’re the ones I found myself reaching for the most. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon!

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