Hollypop’s Benched Eyeshadow Palettes 2018

Hollypop's Benched Eyeshadow Palettes 2018

Happy Monday! After a week of not really being sure what to blog about, I decided I was going to complete the “Benched Products” series of sorts with the eyeshadow palettes I had originally omitted from my Benched Makeup Products post. One of the things I do very well at not having a ton open of, is eyeshadow palettes, although I do have a lot of single shadows open, so this is anticipated to be a shorter post, but let’s jump in.

Hollypop's Benched Eyeshadow Palettes 2018

The first palette is the MUA Ever After – Matte Palette, which is a palette I find I reach for randomly depending on whether I have a single eyeshadow of similar shades open depending on which shade I’m looking for. I sometimes reach for this palette as my entire eyeshadow look, particularly for days I want a very subtle eyeshadow look, where maybe the eyeliner is the focus of the eye look, but I want some subtle definition.

Overall I’m quite fond of this palette, and I use most of the shades. The two I find I don’t reach for is the shaded “Butter” which is the second shade on the top row, which I find is too yellow for my skin-tone, so it tends to look odd on me. The second shade is called “Fog” which is the navy blue second from the right on the bottom row. I don’t pull off blue eyeshadows very well so it’s to be expected from me that blue eyeshadows in a palette don’t end up being used. But I do keep an eye out for inspiration on YouTube, Pinterest, etc to see if people more creative with makeup than myself can give me ideas to make colours like these workable. 

Hollypop's Benched Eyeshadow Palettes 2018

The rest of the eyeshadow palettes are all from Makeup Revolution, as I’m apparently a fan of their palettes, with the first being the Salvation Palette. I can probably guess what you’re thinking: “Hollypop, when on earth do you wear bright eyeshadows?” The answer to that is: rarely. But I like to have the option of these colours available to me, and I feel like this is the perfect palette to invest in for me as it’s affordable, offers the crazy colours I’d normally not use, and it’s all in one place, while also having decent and better performance. You can absolutely look to Urban Decays Full Spectrum palette (I think there was a different palette that Makeup Revolution duped/took inspiration from for this palette’s concept at the time this palette came out, but I can’t find it anymore or remember which one it was) or other more expensive brands, but as someone who knows they won’t necessarily use this palette often, this is the ideal entry palette that doesn’t break the bank.

This is a palette that I see myself forcing to the front of my collection during the late spring and summer time, as I don’t have bright single eyeshadows. I feel like those especially bright shades will really fit the summer when my closet gets brighter, the general atmosphere gets brighter, and I might be more daring to push my eyeshadow looks outside of my comfort zone.

Hollypop's Benched Eyeshadow Palettes 2018

Now we’re moving on to the Redemption Iconic Palettes, starting with Iconic 1, which is considered by many a dupe for Urban Decays Naked Palette. I can’t vouch for this as I’ve never owned the palette for myself, but I can definitely where the comparisons can be drawn.

For me, this is a palette that sits on the back-burner because I have some of these shades in my de-potted Collection Nude Eyes Palette which is in my magnetic palette, so I’m working through those shades first. Overall I do like this palette a lot, although the end two shades, so the gunmetal and light grey-blue shades, are ones I expect to not really use, for similar reasons as I described about the MUA palette earlier. I do find the golden shimmery shade a bit outside of my skin-tone’s range, as it leans a bit too warm for me. But I may be able to make it work. 

Hollypop's Benched Eyeshadow Palettes 2018

Moving to the Iconic 2, this is considered to be another dupe/inspired palette from Urban Decay by the beauty blogging world, as a dupe for the Naked 2 Palette, although once again I can’t personally verify this. Of the three Iconic palettes, this is the one I consider the most versatile for my skin-tone, as it doesn’t lean too warm or too cool in either direction, which gives my neutral-cool skin tone more wiggle room to make shades work for me. I also really like the choice of darker shades, but it’s on the bench because I do have a lot of single eyeshadows open that cover areas of this palette, but also because I’m trying to spread my makeup too thin. I also have very limited space on my makeup stand, which means I’m making a tough choice between which palette I pull out and which ones have to wait, as I have no plans to buy more storage. I know myself and that will be an omen to end up buying more makeup which I simply don’t need.

Hollypop's Benched Eyeshadow Palettes 2018

Last of all, we have the Iconic 3, which is the palette my eye is drawn to most of all three of the Iconic palettes. I love the darker plum tones, and although pink intimidates me, it’s the transition shades and the darker shades that make this palette workable for me. Being very pale skinned, pink eyeshadow can easily make me look like I have pink-eye, so have shades to make the pink tones look flattering are what makes this palette work for me. It’s on the bench for the same reason as all the other palettes: it’s simply not taking priority right now. The palette I do have pulled out is the Sleek i-Divine Storm Palette, which I’m getting familiar with at the moment, as it’s been benched for a long time until recently. Expect me to talk about it once I’ve had some more time to play with it and form a proper opinion. 

So my intention down the line is to re-familiarise myself with these palettes as I find myself gravitating towards them. But on their own, all of these palettes have something that stood out to me that made me buy them in the first place. I do have an excess of palettes that are unopened, but I want to focus on using the eyeshadow palettes I already have opened first before I start opening up more. I say this having bought myself the Makeup Revolution Golden Bar Chocolate Palette only a couple of days ago… I know, I’m awful, but I gave in to temptation.

With that said, these are the eyeshadow palettes I’ve put on the bench for now. It feels really nice to curate these posts. It’s refreshing to sit down and look through my makeup – I have switched a few things around because of it, and it’s fun to change up my collection a bit. So thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it truly means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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