Hollypop’s Beauty Tools Stash

Hollypop's Beauty Tools Stash

Happy Friday! Another slightly different post than usual, today I’m want to share the tools I keep stashed or displayed in my makeup collection. This ranges from beauty tools I use in my makeup routine, to skincare tools, and one slightly more miscellaneous one you may be able to pick out from my photo above. These are the unsung heroes of my cosmetic collection, and they’re often not talked about a lot, and I think they deserve some recognition. So let’s jump straight in with the little plastic container you see in the top left:

Hollypop's Beauty Tools Stash

Starting with the remaining nail tools that I didn’t toss out, I have 2 pairs of nail scissors. Honestly, that both of them were here is a mistake on my part, as one pair is meant to live in my desk’s drawer, so this post has prompted me to fix that error. I don’t typically use my nail scissors for my nails, but these are handy to have since my nails, while thick and relatively healthy, grow unevenly and they help keep them shaped. The majority of the time they’re for cutting open packages or difficult packaging…

I also keep a small set of nail clippers in here, with a larger set permanently kept in my bathroom. The small set are more convenient for dealing with hang-nails, although I use the larger pair for trimming down my nails.

Hollypop's Beauty Tools Stash

The last nail tool is my nail file, which while it doesn’t get a ton of use (I’m quite low maintenance) is really handy to have anyway for the times I do use it.

On the bottom left, I have a brow razor. I was curious to try these out since they’re quite popular in South Korea and my seemed relatively easy to use. I don’t really use it a ton, but I want to have one at easy reach, and you’ll see the backup of this later as I bought mine in a pair.

My most-used beauty tool you’ll be seeing today is my sharpener, which has two sizes for conventional pencil sizes and larger/jumbo pencils. The smaller one is the only one I actually use, as I don’t have jumbo sized makeup products that can be sharpened. I regularly use this to sharpen my eye brow and eyeliner pencils, so I use this basically every time I do my makeup.

Hollypop's Beauty Tools Stash

The last tools are ones that see almost no use, but are kept aside for the occasions I really need them, are my eyelash curlers. I don’t remember which brand the first one is, but the second is from E.L.F. and is a slimmer eyelash curler. I don’t really do anything with my lashes: I don’t use mascara very often, I don’t curl them usually, but these are tools I always want to have available for special occasions when I want to make the extra effort.

Hollypop's Beauty Tools Stash

Moving to the first of my other beauty tools, these are all kept in a seal-able plastic storage box and these are the kinds of products I don’t see myself needing to reach for every day. These are tools that are meant to be supplements for spaces in my tools that may fill themselves and you’ll see what I mean shortly.

The first is a little difficult to make out, but in the clear plastic bag, there are plastic spatulas. I was inspired to buy these in bulk when my spatula that came with my Holika Holika Aqua Max Sebum Control Moisture Cream (which I reviewed here) was misplaced at some point I don’t know when. I really enjoyed using the spatula with that product, and I wanted to initially just replace the missing one, but then I thought it would be a good idea to try implementing this sort of beauty tool throughout more of my skincare routine. The bag is currently unopened, and I wanted to keep it that way for now, which is why I photographed the bag in itself.

A little tool that’s really helped me out a lot are Primark 15 pack Mascara Wands. As an ex-employee of the company, I felt nervous for a while to try or review any of their products, but it’s an anxiety I’m slowly overcoming. The mascara wands themselves I use as a brow spoolie, as some of the brow products I use don’t have spoolies with them. So these supplement that missing tool depending on which brow product I have on the go. I still use this alongside the clear mascara gel I’m testing as a clean spoolie to smooth out my brows and I love how these work. I’m currently working through my second of these since I threw the first away just before we moved, so this little pack will last me a long time.

Hollypop's Beauty Tools Stash

Moving for a moment to my bathroom skincare tools, a product I can’t get enough of are my facial sponges. I’ve been working through my Botanics Cellulose Sponges, but I bought the Spaa Facial Sponges from Superdrug as backups for when I throw my current one away. These are great for washing off my cleanser, providing some really gentle exfoliation to the skin without feeling like you’re actually exfoliating the skin.

A slightly over-the-top backup purchase, are plastic facial massagers, which I use to lather up gel cleansers. I threw out my Soap & Glory one and I’m in the process of testing other exfoliating tools, so I was hunting in stores and online for a replacement for this for this post that I’m working on. In the end, I settled on an 8-pack from Amazon, so I’m trying these out. So far they’re flimsier than my Soap & Glory one which I’m upset about but they still do their job well. I wish Soap & Glory didn’t discontinue it because I adored it.

Hollypop's Beauty Tools Stash

Moving to my K-beauty inspired tools, I have a pack of cushion compact sponge applicators, which currently sit unopened but ready as backups. I bought these around the time I was still using my Laneige BB Cushion, but since then I’ve only really been using concealer for spot-concealing so these have been put on the back-burner until my interest in all-over face products come back. I really like the concept of cushion products, in spite of my concerns about hygiene but I’m currently content with my concealer-only phase.

We also have my backup brow razor, so I don’t need to say much about this one.

Hollypop's Beauty Tools Stash

Lastly, we have a miscellaneous tool. In my effort to cut down on clutter but still keep the products I like, I picked up an empty magnetic palette and some magnetic stickers in circle and square shapes. I’ve already started putting these to use by de-potting my Collection Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, and used several of the circular magnets to put them in my previously empty eyeshadow palette. This has let me keep the shades I really like, get rid of the ones I don’t like and cut down on the amount of clutter. That I’ve been able to recycle packaging as well has made this a really great investment for me.

And these are the beauty tools I keep stashed away in my makeup collection. They’re not really fancy or anything ‘new’, but these are the products that work for me. My beauty tools are often expanding, with my magnets and plastic spatulas being relatively new to my collection, and the delivery dates actually postponing this post.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. Let me know which beauty tools you like to use, maybe you’ll inspire me to try them out as well. I hope this was interesting to read. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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