Hollypop Reaches 100 Followers!

Hollypop Reaches 100 Followers So earlier this week, my blog which I’ve been writing content for for nearly a year and a half now, reached 100 followers! And you have no idea how happy I am! I initially started up my blog with the intention of pushing myself to find a new hobby, and one that allows me to be creative, but also informative.

Although I haven’t always been very good at keeping my blog posting regular content, this is something I plan on maintaining more effectively, and I plan on innovating my own ideas, as well wanting to take on any suggestions and criticisms (constructive ones, obviously) that you guys, the people that read my blog, have for me.

I originally didn’t expect to have more than one person following and keeping up with my blog. And I didn’t mind that fact, I mean, I’m sure I’m not the only person who has ever worried over why someone would want to read their blog in the first place?! And while I don’t write my blog with any crazy or selfish ambition to be famous or to get material benefits, each follower is very special to me. I can’t explain how happy I get, each time I get a notification or see an email in my inbox that tells when someone follows my blog, or leaves a comment or likes one of my posts. It makes me happy that what I write is helpful to you, and at the same time, that you value what I write. I don’t write my blog for the sake of it, like so many other bloggers, I pour my heart and soul into it, and I’m sure you can empathise with how amazing it feels that other people appreciate your hard work.

It’s so immensely motivating as well. I hope it goes without saying, but I stand by a strong policy of honesty and passion. I already mentioned that I don’t write for the sake of it, and I certainly don’t say/write certain things just for the sake of it. I promise that each post is written with honesty: I may not go and directly cut a product down I don’t like, but I will make my opinions clear, but at the same time, I try my best to offer alternative perspectives. After all, something may not work too well for me, but there’s no reason it can’t for someone else, right?

Moving forward with my blog, I definitely want to open my blog to other things. At the moment, my blog is very strongly focused on reviews, and while I enjoy writing those types of posts, I know I can write about other things too. My blog also has a very strong focus on the cosmetic and beauty blogging world – one I’m happy to be involved in, but I’m also a much more dynamic person than that. So, if it interests you guys (and you’ll need to reassure me a bit here…) then I would love to write and share about other interests of mine. I definitely won’t stop writing about the beauty world – it’s one I’ve been enjoying being a part of and I certainly won’t abandon it, but I’m also curious just what kind of things you might want to read about in the future. Whether these are things I’ve done a bit of before – I’ve written a few discussion type posts where I kind of ramble. Or try new things: I have lots of other interests like gaming, music, drawings, etc, would you be interested in posts relating to these too? As well as maybe engaging in more “intellectual” areas of discussion too? I’ve read posts from other bloggers who talk about Feminism or the female body – would you be interested in my perspective on topics like these too?

This has ended being an extremely long post… But at the end of the day, despite this ramble, the most important thing I want to say is “thank you”. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for being there, even if you guys don’t really realise it. And thank you for all the times you make me smile. As a blogger and a fellow human being, I hope I can do the same for you guys, since it means the world to me to have you around.

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