Haul: Revolution Beauty – July 2020:

Haul: Revolution Beauty - July 2020

Happy Friday! Let’s end the work week with a haul I was expecting to be posting at the start of the week. I was driven to make an order online, after a specific Revolution Pro product I was looking for, wasn’t stocked in my local Superdrug.

I made an order on Revolution Beauty’s website back on July 7th, and it arrived to me yesterday. This was allegedly delivered on Monday, but issues with the tracking by the Royal Mail had it accidentally delivered to someone else, but whoever received it, dropped it at my front door yesterday (thank you very much!).

Haul: Revolution Beauty - July 2020

The package itself was contained inside a cardboard box, with beautiful presentation on the inside. There’s printed text on the inside of the lid of the box, and the shipping itinerary is printed on the inside of the card that has my name on it.

The card also includes a code for a free palette, which sadly I can’t see myself using as I don’t want to spend more money on makeup just yet. It feels very obvious to me that Revolution Beauty care about presentation, as the card gives a very personalised and sleek feeling.

To cushion the products, they used brown paper in plain sheets and cut into layered squares. None of the products I ordered were damaged as far as I could tell, so I’m really pleased that the brown paper did such a good job. I’m also thrilled that this is padding I can recycle. Bubble wrap does a brilliant job for keeping products safe, but is not very good for the environment, so I respect Revolution Beauty’s choice here.

Haul: Revolution Beauty - July 2020

As for the products I bought, the first I picked out is the Revolution Pro 330 Large Fluffy Powder Brush. I haven’t tried Revolution Beauty’s makeup brushes before, and I was looking for a large powder brush to experiment with. I have a couple of denser powder brushes in my collection, but I wanted to see how a larger brush would work for my makeup.

Haul: Revolution Beauty - July 2020

From the Makeup Obsession brand, I picked out the Fluffy Brows Fibre Brow Gel in ‘Dark Brown‘ as the brow gel I’m trying out has the potential to not quite fit my needs. So I wanted to have a back-up brow gel to try out. It feels like a bit of a gamble in terms of undertone when I pick out the ‘dark brown’ shades from makeup brands, as they can lean in either direction in terms of under tone.

This is going in my back-up drawer for the time being, and I feel relieved to have an option ready. I haven’t tried any products from the Makeup Obsession brand, so this is a nice place to start.

Haul: Revolution Beauty - July 2020

Going back to Revolution Pro, this is the product that prompted me to make my order. This is the Skin Finish in ‘Opalescent‘. I was originally looking for the shade ‘Luminescent‘ in my local Superdrug, but the shade range of these was no longer on display.

I asked a member of staff if they had any of these tucked away just in case from changing their displays, but they didn’t, but they did suggest ordering online instead. I was really disappointed to see ‘Luminescent‘ wasn’t on the site, as it was the palest shade and the best option for my pale skin, but I’m trying out ‘Opalescent‘ instead.

I picked this out as a potential subtle highlighter, as I found the highlighter already in my collection isn’t quite my cup of tea. I remembered swatching the shade ‘Luminescent‘ in-store months ago. I absolute loved the shade and the way it swatched on the back of my hand, so my mind was set on this. I couldn’t get that specific shade, but I was curious to try the next palest I could find.

Haul: Revolution Beauty - July 2020

Unsurprisingly, I gave in to my love for lipsticks and picked out one lip product. This is the Revolution Velvet Kiss Lip Crayon, which is in the shade ‘White Wedding‘. I adore my-lips-but-better shades, and this seemed like it would be that for me or at least, very close.

The product page described this shade as a “pink nude”, so that it leans more pink really appealed to me. I was also really intrigued by the shades ‘Heart Race‘ and ‘Rose‘, so if this formula works for me, I can see myself picking up those two shades in the future.

Heart Race‘ is described as a “peachy nude”. I do like peachier tones in general at the moment, so this shade appeals to whereas in the past it hadn’t. ‘Rose‘ is described as a “dark rose” and looks like it’ll be a darker my-lips-but-better, but more of a statement colour on my pale skin, but still wearable for my low self-esteem.

I enjoy having a selection of bullet lipsticks to wear, but having tried ColourPop’s lippie stix, I’ve been even more interested in trying cruelty-free crayon products. The Maybelline alternatives really appealed to me when they released, but because they’re not cruelty-free, I abstained from buying them. However the interest in crayon lipsticks remained so I’m quite satisfied having this one to try out.

Haul: Revolution Beauty - July 2020

Moving back to Makeup Obsession, I also picked out the Keep It Fresh Eyeshadow Palette, which to me looks like it is inspired by the ColourPop Mint To be 9-pan palette. I’m still very interested in ColourPop’s palette, but I was very intrigued by the Makeup Obsession one as well, especially to try out green eyeshadows. The shades aren’t 100% the same between both of these palettes, from cross-referencing pictures, but similar enough to see where the inspiration is. The tones and layout are very similar, but they’re not exactly the same from my perspective.

I have some deeper forest greens in my collection, but nothing quite as light as what the Keep It Fresh palette offers. I could see myself using this on its own for eyeshadow looks, or as an accent palette to incorporate ‘safer’ colours like browns to make it a little less scary for me.

I have hazel eyes so I’ve been really interested in playing with different shades of green to see how they’ll work with the green tones of my eyes. Even with the browns of my eyes, I think green has a great potential to look flattering on me.

Haul: Revolution Beauty - July 2020

Lastly, my curiosity got the better of me, and I picked up the Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade. A lot of the reviews when I was looking at this compared it to the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eyeshadow Palette. I haven’t tried this product or anything from Kat Von D, so I wasn’t really drawn in by the comparison, but it was interesting to see the brand’s take on the same concept.

What drew me to this was the combination on cool, neutral and warm under toned neutral shades. I love the layout which is very clearly taken from Kat Von D’s palette, but it’s a really comfortable layout for the eyes. I can see 3 colour stories, but can also see the potential to mix and match.

I don’t really need more neutral palettes in my collection, but it was the 3 under tones in one palette that really pulled me in. I have lots of palettes that have one or two under tones throughout the palette, but nothing this compact that has 3. So it still has a special spot in my collection. I could see this being really great for those [hypothetical] days in the future when I might travel, or just to keep my makeup routine on a given day really simple.

This concludes all of the products I picked up from my Revolution Beauty haul. I haven’t tried out all of the products, but I’m really excited to. In spite of these stressful and difficult times, it’s refreshing for me to feel excited about something fairly simple and frivolous, to help remind myself that it’s not all stress and anxiety.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. It means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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