Happy New Year! My Personal Beauty Goals

Let’s kick this post off by saying Happy New Year! While I already posted a blog post about my blog goals, to celebrate the ringing in the new year, I want to write a post about my own beauty goals so you guys have an idea of what I’m aiming for me and I’ll update this at the start of each month so you guys can keep up to date on where my blog will be going and the perspective my reviews will be taking. Okay, so let’s kick things off…

  1. Do my skincare properly! I need to stop being lazy at night and actually take care of my skin properly instead of letting my tiredness and late night sleep schedule get the better of me. With so many online friends living in the states and Canada, it means I stay up late and don’t completely my night time skincare properly because I get distracted talking and playing games. Not their fault at all, but it’s a habit I need to fix.
  2. Document when I open new products. I started this recently but it’s a habit I want to really make stick. Often times when I write reviews for products I lose track of when I opened and started using them, which I find shakes my confidence a bit since I have a terrible memory for that kind of thing, and I want my posts to be as informative as possible. On a personal level though, it means I can keep track of how much I’ve really committed to the products I buy, and illustrates just how much I like them.
  3. To not be afraid to say a product isn’t working for me. I hate to waste products, and sometimes this means I keep using products that don’t always do much good for my skin, just because they’re not doing anything obviously bad. Instead, I’m going to stop using products and pass them on to someone else who might benefit from them instead. Just because something doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work someone else, right?
  4. Remember to spot treat, seriously. If there is one thing I always forget to do that I keep reminding myself at the wrong times for, it’s actually spot treating those annoying spots so they don’t get worse. I keep tea tree oil in my vanity for a reason, I just need to actually use it. Which is why I’m going to move it onto the top of my vanity instead of my drawer where I don’t see it often.
  5. I have plenty of face masks, so use them! I’m a huge mask hoarder, clay masks, scrub masks, sheet masks, even under eye masks, but they just sit there untouched and it’s a waste. So I’m going to aim to use at least one a week, not including the clay mask I keep in the bathroom for regular use prior to bathing.
  6. To not forget that applying skincare and makeup can be a fun experience. With how stressful and chaotic my life has felt in the past few months, it’s been so easy to forget why I loved using skincare and experimenting with makeup to begin with.

I think I’m going to leave the list there, but this is a very generalised list since this is the basic aims for this whole year. Starting from February I’ll write slightly more concise posts that have shorter term goals, and will try to reflect on them at the start of each month.

Thank you so much for reading my post. I really appreciate all of the support you guys give me, just know I write content you guys are interested in reading really means the world to me.

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