Happy New Year from Hollypop!

As we are now in the new year, I wanted to take some time to wish everyone a lovely start to 2015. I find it amazing to believe that another year has passed already. While some people don’t make much fuss over the start of another year, I do think it is a great opportunity to take if you want something to motivate you for a fresh start or to progress further on your life’s path.

But before I start thinking about whatever might be ahead for me, I want to take some time to appreciate what 2014 has given me. Whether that’s personal things: a baby sister (technically that was 2013 but it was 2014 when I finally met her!), moving on to my final year of university, a year older, learning important life skills, new friends, so on and so forth.

There’s also my blog – 2014 was the year I started this blog: Hollypop (although it started under a different name at the time). I originally started a blog for a university module, but after a taste of blogging, I decided I wanted to make it a hobby, and so my blog was born. While I don’t have a lot of time to invest in it, it is very special to me nonetheless, as are you guys who support me. Writing my opinions and expressing myself is a very special privilege. And having you guys here to support me is another very special privilege too.

So what to expect of my blog in 2015?

My blog is still very young, and I’m still creating my own writing style, how my blog looks, and getting my personality across in the most honest and sincere way, but this year I want to make even more progress. I’m constantly learning and taking inspiration from other bloggers, and I hope one day I can inspire others too.

As for what will be new with my blog, well, that’s something I will constantly be working out. I will of course carry on writing reviews of makeup and skin care that I’ve been trying out. But I have also been considering showing you looks that I’ve been trying out, and if there’s any success with that, show you what I did to create that look.

I also want to expand myself beyond writing about cosmetics. I’m very self-conscious of what personal information I put out there on the internet, but I do want to express more of “myself” with you all, if that makes any sense at all? I’ve experimented this year with writing about a personal goal of mine, and I want to do more of that.

I also want to express more of my interests with you. I have so many different hobbies: video games, anime, film, TV, art, etc, and depending on what you guys are interested in reading about, I would love to share these with you. I know some blogs focus on one specific theme: fashion, makeup, travel, cooking, etc. I admire many blogs which do this, but I also want to experiment with writing about other topics. If it works out, then of course I’ll stick to it, and if not, I’ll remain focused on makeup and skincare like I have been. I hope, whatever decision I make in the future, that you will support me through this.

Before I finish this post, I hope you have a wonderful start to 2015, and that you sent 2014 off with as much positivity as you can. Whether that’s surrounded by friends, family, or even if you decide (or not) to spend it alone, I hope that you waved goodbye to 2014 and opened the doors to 2015 with a smile. This year may not be an easy one, but I plan on taking each challenge as they come, and as an opportunity to grow, and I hope that you will too – whatever those challenges may be.

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