First Impressions: Laneige BB Cushion

Laneige BB Cushion Sample I don’t think I’ve really talked about this on my blog, but I am a huge fan of Korean makeup and skincare, and while I don’t own many products (there are a few I own that I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet), I do think they have some awesome products out there I want to eventually try. And part of the trend for Korean makeup is very fair glowing skin, and as I mentioned time and time again, I am very pale. So I thought I would see if I can finally find a reasonable shade match since most makeup here simply does not match me.

I found this sample set on EBay, and after reading a whole bunch of reviews and looking at photos for swatches, I decided to take the plunge and try out the lightest shade in this set, which is “No. 13 True Beige”. Now for any pale people like myself, that probably rings alarm bells since any pale shade that even tries to match us (and normally fails) go by names like “Ivory” or “Porcelain”, and the names with “Beige” in it are normally reserved for shades in the medium skin tone range.

I can’t say I’m massively hyped by the idea of the BB Cushion trend – it looks very convenient which is what appeals to me about it, but at the same time, how do you keep these clean enough so you’re not breeding germs to pester your skin? Another concern is that the full size products can cost almost as much as the full size BB and CC Creams on the Korean market, but carry much less product. This is something that bothers me since I want to get the most out of my money.

Yet, with this considered, I do want to at least give it a try. Where possible, I’d like to see if the application of the Cushion style product will make a difference, and so I’m hesitantly venturing to find out. But enough of my rambling, let’s talk about this specific product itself.

Laneige BB Cushion Sample The only reason I’m trialing this specific cushion is because it’s the only affordable sample I can find (I paid less than £5). So as far as the formula goes, I’ll definitely discuss that later. What you see in the photo above is the miniature sample size version of the sponge filled with the product and the mini puff that you use to apply it to the skin. Honestly, when I first opened this up, I squealed at how cute and tiny the puff was! I told my boyfriend and he just laughed and thought I was being adorable… I sighed so hard. Back to the product, I have to admit when I saw the sponge-filled product for the first time, I nearly panicked – since how could someone as pale as myself possibly match that colour?

Laneige BB Cushion Sample
Laneige BB Cushion Sample However, once you press the puff or a finger onto the sponge, the colour is much lighter than the sponge makes it appear to be. As a first swatch it looks way too dark for my skin, but blend it out and it is slightly more forgiving. You also have to bear in mind that the colour of my hand is slightly different from the colour of my face/body, so that also needs to be considered.

On my face, I don’t think it looks too bad. It’s certainly not a perfect match in my opinion, but it’s enough to get away with. I used only this over nose, chin and forehead (I used a concealer over the spot on my forehead because I’m too insecure to not cover it…). So this is definitely lighter coverage, but using the puff, the BB Cream applies in a very thin layer, and you spread it out using the puff to create a very natural finish. As you can see on my chin, my blemish is definitely minimised, although not completely concealed. However, in the condition it is in the photo, this is enough coverage for me to feel comfortable going outside like that.

I definitely think this is slightly too yellow for me. I have very awkward undertones where I’m neutral but with the smallest teensiest hint of a pink undertone, but I can’t use face products with a strong pink undertone because it’s way too much. In the same way anything too yellow based (I’m thinking of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundations here…) are way too much for my skin tone too – not helped that my skin tone (despite the weird mix of natural lighting fighting with the colour of my walls really not helping to show this) is quite translucent.

I think for now, I can just about get away with using this shade. My skin tone doesn’t really change too much year round, but I definitely look more translucent as autumn and winter rolls around, so I’m concerned that if I invest in a full size product, then once summer ends, this product will be too dark for me.

As far as staying power goes, on my oily and sensitive skin, this doesn’t do anything or cause problems for my excess oil. I definitely need a mattifying powder to work with this, but as far as I understand, this product is intended for normal to drier skin types.

I’m considering picking up the Laniege Pore Control Cushion or the Innishfree Long Lasting Cushion, but again, does the shade I have here translate to the Pore Control Cushion by the same brand, and I can’t find samples of other Cushion products from other brands to try and shade match to other formulas.

Overall, I have quite mixed feelings about this product. I like how light this product is, with thanks to the puff and style of application which means lighter layers achieve more coverage through thorough dabbing and pressing of the product onto the skin. This particular formula certainly isn’t ideal for my skin type, but I didn’t mind this when I bought this sample since I was testing out the cushion style more than anything. My biggest concern is the shade matching – my Mum didn’t even realise I was wearing a face product on days earlier this week when I was testing it, so this is why I think the shade isn’t too unreasonable should I decide to repurchase. However, I must reiterate my concerns about whether or not I can rely on this shade as a reflection of whether I can use this year round, since I’m not sure if my current skin tone is a result of (actually) tanning slightly or if this is still my normal skin tone. And finally, because the formula isn’t quite right for me, can I trust that this shade is the same in the other Laniege cushion ranges, or will I be taking a big risk, should I choose to invest? Let alone the adventure of trying to find the best shade in other brands…

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. This has definitely ended up longer than I planned it (in my head this was much more concise…). If you have experience with BB or CC cushions, I would love to get advice from you with any tips you might have. Also, as a general question, does the shade look okay on me? I admit I’m very paranoid when it comes to shade matching, since being so pale I’m used to the lightest shades of makeup still looking too dark or orange on me. Again, thank you for reading my post, it really means the world to me, and any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated! I’ve spent the last few days doing online research and talking to other bloggers about shades that could work, so I would love to finally feel confident enough to try a full sized cushion.

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7 Responses to First Impressions: Laneige BB Cushion

  1. great review!! i love how detailed it is 🙂 it’s so hard finding a shade that matches – i sympathize 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. Cynthia says:

    I think the shade is great! Could you use a brush or your fingers with this cushion bb cream as with other face products? Would you get better coverage than with the puff? Great review! I just read today that Loreal is coming out with a cushion foundation to be relessed in Asua. I wonder if the western world will get this formula.

    • Hollypop says:

      I certainly think it’s possible to use other tools like brushes or your fingers for applying, but you would achieve a thicker layer,nowhere as the puff helps achieve a much thinner one – great for summer time. 🙂

      And L’Oreal plans on releasing one? That would be fantastic! I love their system of three undertones for their True Match Foundations, so if they did that with a cushion compact, it would be amazing! If only they brought cushions here as a trend. I know Lancôme sell one, but as far as I know of, they’re the only brand that do here.

      • Cynthia says:

        Lancome and Loreal are sister companies as I understand. That is what I read on this blog yesterday. That is why they are the ones coming out with the first drug store cushion foundation. What I read was, that right now it is in the Asian market being tested. I guess if it does well there then it will go further into the other markets. We never got Loreal’s LeMatte Lipsticks here in Eastern Europe. I was so bummed! They looked so awesome! We still haven’t gotten the Maybelline Mattes or any Milani products where I live. So, it all depends on where you live and the market that they are gearing towards. If some of these products do not come here soon I am going to have to break down and order some online.

        • Hollypop says:

          With any luck we may see them then. The UK misses out on products from brands we have here and we have limited access to some brands at all. For example, the only place I know of to buy Milani is in a store in Cardiff and as far as I know is the only place in the country to stock it – and not a large amount either. Other brands like Wet n Wild, are not sold here at all.

          • Cynthia says:

            Wow! Then we are lucky because we have one store here in Zagreb that stocks Wet and Wild now, but not Milani go figure. I love Wet and Wild and was so excited when I saw it in our DM. I will be doing a couple Wet and Wild reviews soon, so keep your eyes peeled for those posts.

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