First Impression: Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Sheet Mask – Moisturising

Tony Moly I'm Real Aloe Sheet Mask - Moisturising

In an attempt to work through my excessively large sheet mask collection, I recently pulled aside the Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Sheet Mask – Moisturising in order to use it up. Tony Moly as a brand are not currently fully cruelty-free, so it’s worth bearing in mind I bought this long before I went actively cruelty-free. In fact, I picked this up back in 2016 during my trip to Canada and America, where I featured this product and a handful of others in a dedicated haul post. So if you’re pursuing cruelty-free only products, skip this product for the time being, but I wanted to share my thoughts as I didn’t want this product to go to waste.

Starting with the packaging, the plastic sachet is more on the bulky side compared to most sheet masks I’ve come across. The cut-out shape adds a little extra bulk that makes it fit a little bit awkwardly inside the acrylic drawers I use to store my sheet masks. It does fit, but you’ll find they’re forced to bend at the sides to fit. With this in mind, they’re also not as compact and travel-friendly as some other sheet masks with rectangular shaped sachets, but I wouldn’t call it unfriendly either.

The design of the packaging is very fun and easy to identify, with the shoots (is that the right word?) of aloe easy to make out, as well as the green being really thematic. So in terms of presentation, it’s very cute and clear and that’s something I appreciate.

On the back, there’s a mix of Korean and English. I had initially photographed this, but once again, my camera deceives me with a clear photo on my phone, but very blurry once I import it. So I’m going to quote it for you, which reads as follows:

“[Directions] Tear open and apply to face. Leave for 20-30 minutes and then remove.”

There weren’t any claims in English on the back, but I assume that if it’s like many other products that include aloe vera, then it’s designed to help soothe and moisturise sensitive and irritated skin.

I wore this on my face for roughly 15 minutes about 2 nights ago, as a pampering treat during my night time routine. So I cleansed my makeup with my current on-the-go micellar water, then fit this onto my face. I had planned to use an under-eye sheet mask with it, but sadly the one I had left only had one sheet and not the other half to its pair.

My first observation was holy moly, it was drenched in serum. It was dripping serum both as I attempted to get it out of the sachet and throughout the 15 minutes I wore it on my face. Although, I was note-taking for my blog as I wore so, I was looking down towards my desk/notepad, so I did encourage the serum to drip off.

The effect on the skin is extremely pampering: without putting it in a fridge, the sheet mask feels very cooling and soothing on my face. This felt great on my slightly congested face, which is dealing with a mish-mash of sinus issues at the moment. I can also see this being really relaxing during the summer when the heat really gives me a hard time.

After 15 minutes on the face, there was definitely a lot of serum still left on the sheet, although I did notice that enough was absorbed compared to when I started. I do think that the 20-30 minute suggestion is a good time length to wear it, but I was quite desperate to go to bed and didn’t want to extend my night too long. So that’s something I will be bearing in mind for the remaining Tony Moly sheet masks in my collection.

Tony Moly I'm Real Aloe Sheet Mask - Moisturising

The shape of the mask itself is quite conventional: it’s one large sheet mask, with slits around the edges of the face to help conform it to your face shape. And of course, cut-outs for the eyes and mouth. Compared to some other sheet masks I’ve tried, these are more transparent, which is why I tried to photograph it on top of the plastic sleeve, as my white desk wouldn’t capture it.

On my face: it was slightly too large on the forehead section, so I folded that over onto itself to avoid getting the serum in my hair. This is really common with sheet masks for me, as I apparently have a smaller forehead. The rest of my face was a pretty good fit for this mask, and is easy to press to the contours of the face.

I would find it unexpected for most people to have issues with the shape of the sheet mask, with people more likely too find it too large for their face than too small. But the benefit is that you can easily fold the mask back on itself to fit your face better.

When I was done wearing it, I scrunched it haphazardly and just wiped the remaining serum across my face and neck, taking time to massage my face and neck with the sides of my hands. Any excess would also work well as a hand cream, which I inevitably did because I didn’t wear the sheet mask long enough and had a lot of excess serum left over. So there was a lot left on my hands. This isn’t a complaint about the product itself, as I chose to wear it shorter than advised.

My skin felt very nourished and hydrated after using it, as I didn’t use my normal facial oil from my night time routine. It was nice to use as a little change to my routine to wind down… Although I’m not sure note-taking really counts!

Overall, this is a decent sheet mask that does its job very well. I won’t be repurchasing it as Tony Moly are not currently cruelty-free, but I didn’t want my existing collection to go to waste either. So I’ll be doing first impressions of them as they get used. If you are interested in buying them as a non-cruelty-free consumer and you live in the UK, you can find these at Boots, as I’ve seen them near the tills at my local store. I won’t be including an affiliate link because of their non-cruelty-free status, which is my only and major issue with this product.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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