First Impression: Tony Moly Banana Hand Cream

Tony Moly Banana Hand Cream

Happy Monday! In an attempt to do a little more purging before the move (which is next week!), I found myself with a golden opportunity to try a couple of sample size hand creams after using up the SOFNON Tsaio Calendula-Lavender Repairing Hand Cream. So today, I want to talk about my very limited experience with the Tony Moly Banana Hand Cream, which I had a single sachet of in my sample drawer.

At the time of writing, Tony Moly are not considered cruelty-free, because they do sell in mainland China. While the versions you can buy out of South Korea will not have been tested on animals, because of how China currently handles cosmetics being imported into their stores, many people, like myself, rule out brands who sell physically in stores.

As this is a sample sachet, it means I only had enough product to use it once. I’ll be blunt: the idea of a banana scented hand cream does not appeal to me, especially as my nose can be so hit or miss with scents of any kind. The product calls itself a hand milk, but at best, the scent smells of banana milk, while the formula itself inside wasn’t quite so milky.

What little text there is on the packaging is mostly in Korean, and since I cannot read it, I don’t have any claims to go through with you this time. So I’m going to set some basic expectations of my own:

Ideally, I want a hand cream to be able to provide adequate moisturisation to help maintain soft and supple skin. I especially want a cream to absorb quite quickly, as I work at my PC, and I hate making my mouse and keyboard grubby. While I can tolerate some scents, it’s typically best if cosmetics don’t have a scent at all, especially not artificial ones. To sum it up simply: I want a hand cream that’s nourishing and minimalistic. It doesn’t need fancy bells and whistles, metaphorically speaking.

Tony Moly Banana Hand Cream

As far as the formula goes, the thin sachet squeezed out small portions of a solid-cream. I’m not sure if this is indicative of the formula when it comes out of the full packaging, but this is what I had to work with. While it had a lightweight solid and creamy form out of the sachet, once I started spreading it over my hands, the warm of my hands helped to melt it into my skin, where the ratio of solid to cream became creamier.

It was easy enough to smooth over the skin, and absorbed fairly quickly. Over the back of my hand, it absorbed to leave a slight friction over the skin. For my palms though, it maintained a slightly slicker feeling. I’m assuming that, because it’s quite warm and humid here at the moment, my palms of my hands are just sweatier than normal, which made the formula absorb a bit more slowly on my palms. This is purely speculation on my part though.

The banana milk scent I mentioned earlier really hit me when I first opened the sachet, but it did fade quite quickly after applying the cream on to my hands. It has come back randomly throughout the night but it’s brief and very infrequent. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m just imagining it, or if the lingering heat just brings the scent back.

Towards the end of the night, my hands are feeling a need to be moisturised again, leaving the cream only effective for a few hours. Like my hand creams, it’s only so resistant to water, so if you frequently wash your hands (doing dishes, using the bathroom, etc) you will need to touch up your hands often. This is common for me with a lot of hand creams.

Overall, it’s a decent little hand cream based off my limited one-time experience. As Tony Moly aren’t currently cruelty-free, I won’t be considering the full size version. In the hypothetical situation that they are, I would pass on this product simply because of the scent. While it’s not nauseating or uncomfortable for me, I simply prefer to avoid hand creams with strong scents in general. The performance is average, and is one I’d use throughout the day to touch up for general upkeep of my hand’s moisture levels. If you happen to really like the banana milk scent (maybe it’s nostalgic for you?) or you don’t need an intensely nourishing hand cream, this is worth looking into if it’s still on the market.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope your working is starting off on a positive, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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