First Impression: Superdrug Purifying Facial Sheet Mask 

Superdrug Purifying Facial Sheet Mask 

Face masks are a wonderful option for some self-pampering, with some awesome benefits if the mask works well with your skin. This time I’m using a mask which aims to refresh the skin. I tried this out since my skin is normally very oily, and this is meant to help purify the skin. You can find this in Superdrug for £1.29, which is a great price in my opinion. I also did a first impression of the hydrating facial sheet mask here, which you can check out if you’re interested.

So what does the mask claim to do? Well according to the Superdrug website, the mask “reawakens skin’s vitality” and “will energise the skin and leave it clean, bright and fresh”. Since I tried this when my flu/fever was during the early stages, I planned on trying this in an attempt that my skin will feel great but the tea greet and spearmint in the serum will also reawaken my sense – literally, haha.

The sheet mask itself is designed to fit the entire face, with holes for the eyes and mouth, with the shape cut so it fits over the contours of the nose. Sheet masks can be either of the entire face or split in half horizontally, in this case it’s a full face shape and a one-size-fits-all kind of policy. I personally had problems making the mask fit my face comfortably, since I seem to have a petite face. However, the mask can be folded so it doesn’t leave any of the serum on your hairline, although it’s unfortunate since it’s hard to relax while wearing the mask when I need to constantly adjust the fit.

Superdrug Purifying Facial Sheet Mask 

On the skin, the serum leaves a reasonably strong tingling sensation which depending on how sensitive you are, can be settling or uncomfortable. For me, it wasn’t irritating but I need to be in the right frame of mind or it would feel overwhelming. The tea tree is meant to help tackle excess sebum, while the spearmint is meant to soothe and refresh the skin, and the combination of the two ingredients are like a wonder pair.

The packaging says to use the mask for 5-10 minutes, which is great for those of us who are busy. But if you do have time then there’s no reason not to use this for longer. Once I peeled the mask off, I used the crumpled sheet mask to massage the remaining serum over my face and neck. If you are able to, I do suggest storing the mask as there is enough serum for the mask to be used a second time. I personally can’t do this, but you’ll definitely get another use from this mask if you do. I personally think this is awesome.

It takes a few minutes for the tingling to settle completely, but my skin does feel amazing afterwards. I think my skin would have benefitted from this more if it wasn’t slightly dry from being unwell, but I definitely will try this again when my skin is back to normal.

For the price you pay, this is a decent product, and is a nice treat for the skin. I have the aloe vera sheet mask as well which I’m looking forward to trying. For anyone who hasn’t tried sheet masks before, the Superdrug own-brand masks are great to try. I just wish they sold these in boxes or collections rather than being forced to buy individuals. Although, Superdrug is good at having 3 for 2 offers for their masks a lot of the time, which isn’t so bad.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. It really means a lot to me.

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