First Impression: Superdrug Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask

I love sheet masks. Something about them makes me want to buy any I can get my hands on. I’m terrible at taking time for myself to relax, and I think sheet masks are a great excuse and way to give some time for yourself. Especially at the moment with all the stress from university in the lead up to almost finishing my degree, I am very stressed like all of my friends and fellow scholars. I normally opt to buy sheet masks online since I love Korean skincare – especially their masks. But Superdrug now sells their own small selection of sheet masks, and of course, I caved and bought a few of each one they sell. They currently retail at £1.29, although Superdrug does 3 for 2 offers on a regular basis so this is something to keep in mind.

Today I used the Hydrating Sheet Mask, since I have a cold at the moment and my skin’s balance seems completely thrown off and I have some drieness to take care of. My skin as you guys probably know by now is very oily, but it is still winter (kind of) and with this darn cold my skin needs some extra hydration to avoid flakiness and/or prevent my skin getting oiler to compensate for the lack of hydration. This mask is specifically tailored for normal/dry skin, but in my opinion anyone can use this mask. Heck, I fall under the oily skin type category and I use this mask.

Unlike clay or peel masks which you smooth over the skin in layers, sheet masks are ready made: they are cut to fit the shape of the face, with holes for the eyes and mouth, and slits to contour the nose so the entire face can be covered. Some masks the sheet is split in half, so there’s a top and bottom half, but with this one it was one large mask. The sheet mask itself is soaked in a serum, and you just leave the mask on the face and let the serum absorb into the skin.

Before you put the mask on, I strongly advise keeping your hair away from your face, whether that’s with hair clips or a hair band is up to you. Wearing the sheet mask was a fun experience since the one-size-fits-all approach to the shape of this mask doesn’t quite work for me. Unfortunately the masks was quite big on me – the forehead section needed folding so I didn’t get the serum in my hairline, and the nose contour was a joke to fit. The bottom half of the mask was slightly better fit, although the entire mask is too big for my face. I guess I just have a small face/head? (Please don’t take that seriously, okay?)

The back of the packaging says to wear the mask for “5-10 minutes while the active ingredients work their magic”. These ingredients they point out are plant collagen, glycerin and seaweed, which are meant to be very moisturising for the skin. 5-10 minutes of wear time is great for busy individuals but if you do have the time, you can wear this for much longer while you watch an episode of a TV show or if you’re like me and you’re catching up on YouTube videos.

After I took the mask off, there was plenty of serum left on the mask and on my face, so I took the time to scrunch the mask together and gently rub the excess serum over my face in a mini massage and then down my neck. I am terrible for forgetting to moisturise my neck!

After around 5 minutes the serum has absorbed completely into my skin, and my now-dry skin felt very soft to the touch. While it didn’t soften all of the flakiness on my skin from my sore nose (fun times…), my skin feels very hydrated and less tight and uncomfortable.

I think this mask works well as a preventative measure for dry skin types, rather than a treatment, but once it’s a part of your skincare routine and flakiness has been taken care of, the mask will do a great job of maintaining and improving the texture of the skin. Even on oily skin like mine, it should help prevent increasing the levels of excess sebum caused by dehydration, which in my opinion is great.

As this mask is so easy to get hold of, I definitely will consider picking this up again. I do prefer Korean sheet masks, they have better results for my skin, but it does mean waiting a long time to get them since I have to order online and wait for the shipping. The price of the mask is pretty cheap – I’ve seen sheet make in Marks & Spencer’s for £5 a piece, so this is a very affordable option. However, because I do love Korean masks and they can be bought in bulk (packs of 10-12 pieces which can be very cost effective if you look hard enough online), I will go for those instead. For me, Superdrugs sheet masks are for when I run out of my favourite ones and I still want to treat my skin. If you haven’t tried sheet masks before, I definitely advise using these first to see if you like them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. If you have any suggestions for sheet masks you think are worth investing in, I would love to read them. I really hope this post was enjoyable. Thank you and take care.

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