First Impression: SoftLips Vitamin Enriched Lip Balm SPF 20

SoftLips Vitamin Enriched Lip Balm SPF 20

Happy Friday, today I want to talk about a lip balm that’s been my desk buddy for the past week or so. This is the SoftLips Vitamin Enriched Lip Balm SPF 20, and I opened this one up during my move last week. I’ve been using this multiple times every day since, so I want to chat about this product.

So to start off, this lip balm is a bit unexpected as it has a particularly thin tube compared to most lip balms I’ve come across. This made it particularly convenient for travel as it takes up less room in my makeup bag compared to other lip balms. As you can probably guess, this also impacts the size of the lip balm as well. I’m personally indifferent about it, the size is neither a positive or a negative factor for me, but if you have smaller or thinner lips, you may find this is helpful for applying the lip balm more accurately. It’s quite easy to apply outside of the lip line and clog the pores around the lips, which is something that drives me crazy.

SoftLips Vitamin Enriched Lip Balm SPF 20

As far as packaging goes, it is a standard twist-up lip balm, so easy to use on the go, and doesn’t require sticking your fingers into a pot to apply the balm. I prefer this style of packaging as I do not enjoy sticking my fingers into a pot, as it leaves my fingers feeling greasy or unclean afterwards. I am quite self conscious about the cleanliness of my hands so to me lip balm pots are really off-putting.

One of the things I find quite disappointing about the packaging is that it doesn’t take much pressure when applying the lip balm for it to push back into the tube, so I often have to stop, twist up the balm some more, then continue applying. I also find that because of this, the balm then peels around the side, which makes me feel like the product is a bit wasted. It’s easy to clean up though.

What I like about this lip balm and made me pick it out from my stash of lip balms to try out, was the presence of SPF. With a SPF of 20, it’s a good lip balm for running errands for a couple of hours, as it provides enough protection to let you get that done before you would need to reapply.

With the SPF in mind though, this isn’t a lip balm I’d suggest if you have extremely dehydrated lips that need nourishment. While it is slightly hydrating, this feels relatively short-term and works great as a pre-makeup prep balm, as opposed to a lip treatment. I find that this is great as a lip ‘primer’ of sorts if I apply this at the beginning of my morning skincare routine. It leaves a layer on the lips that can dilute lip products if applied too soon after you put on the lip balm, which is why I apply it as early as possible, but it otherwise provides a really nice soft surface for lip products to apply to. I suspect the ‘layered’ feeling on the lips is the presence of the SPF, but it does tone down after around 5-10 minutes.

So for me, this is a lip product I find works great when applied frequently throughout the day, as the reapplication of the SPF is important, and it also isn’t as nourishing for the lips as other lip balms I’ve tried. It’s for this reason that I’d advise buying this if you want a separate lip balm as a pre-makeup step, and then a separate lip balm as a dedicated lip treatment if you need it. This is the approach I would personally take, so I let my lips feel treated overnight, then throughout the day, protected when I run errands or let light into my office.

Overall, this is a relatively standard lip balm in my opinion. I don’t consider this to be anything special by any means, but it certainly isn’t bad either. I don’t regret buying this product, and think this is great if you need a lip balm to keep solely in a makeup bag or glove compartment (be careful for if it melts in the summer time though!). I can see myself working through this product relatively quickly because it does require me to reapply very often – usually once every hour or so, which is why I’m reviewing this as a first impression and as quickly as I am. The packaging being completely opaque makes it difficult to monitor how far into the product I am, so I’m taking the time to talk about it now before I lose track of time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and your weekend is restful and enjoyable.

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