First Impression: MUA Intense Kisses Lipgloss

MUA Intense Kisses Lip Gloss  A little while ago I tested out a recent purchase of mine, which I’ve decided I want to share my opinions with you about. Today it’s the MUA Intense Kisses Lipgloss in the shade Kiss and Tell. Kinda saucy name huh? I normally avoid lipglosses since I have long hair, but something about this bolder colour really grabbed me.  

MUA is a Superdrug exclusive brand, and is among the cheapest brands available in the UK. So, despite not normally buying lipglosses, at £2.00, it was worth the risk, since if I did find I didn’t like the product, it wasn’t too expensive.

The packaging is a clear plastic bottle with a black twist cap. I personally like the colour combination, something about black seems very sleek and stylish to me. On the front of the lid is a sparkly pair of lips, which adds a really cute touch, and obviously relates to the name of the product.

MUA Intense Kisses Lip Gloss

The colour is a nice medium pink-red, which if my judgment isn’t wrong, is on the cool side. The texture is very different from why I expect from a lipgloss. It’s not sticky at all, and it’s quite thick – and could be compared to the Revlon Lipstains as far as consistency goes. I would definitely call this more of a lacquer than a gloss, based off the texture, but for a little while when first applied it does have a slight sheen.

I think this colour could be worn all year round, but I think it’s definitely well-suited for autumn and winter. I don’t think this shade makes my lips look too small, and doesn’t accentuate the lines of my lips too much. The application in the photo is from one coat, which I carefully smoothed as evenly as I could. From one coat, I think the pigmentation is pretty incredible. If you’re a fan of bold intense colour, then I definitely recommend this. If like me you also like to try the gradient lip trend – Korean makeup styles use this a lot, and is where I get a lot of inspiration from – then this product won’t be ideal for trying to achieve that kind of look.

But for the cost of the product, and the pigmentation you get, this is a great product to consider if strong lips are your style. The staying power is average – it’ll last a while but eating and drinking will cause it to fade, which is normal. I don’t consider it an issue to have to reapply after eating or drinking, since it’s a lot to ask of a product to last.

Having worn this only once, this truly is a first impression. But I’m certainly not disappointed. I’m not normally one for bold intense lip looks, so this isn’t a product I’ll reach for everyday, but I would definitely reach for this to wear on a date, go out with friends, or any other kind of fun and special event.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. It means the world to me that you took the time to read it. If you enjoyed it and think you’ll like my other posts, I would love it if you would consider checking out my other posts.

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  1. Rikzah Zia says:

    The pigmentation looks fine and the color looks really good on you !! 😀

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