First Impression: Hand Chemistry Triple Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator

Hand Chemistry Triple Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator

Happy Wednesday, to kick off the middle of the working week, I want to talk about a product I’ve been trying out for a little while. This is the Hand Chemistry Triple Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator which is my current hand cream that I have on the go right now.

I picked this up while it was on sale in Boots a year or two ago, so it’s been sat in my stash up until recently. I checked the Boots site, and they don’t seem to stock the brand anymore, so I can’t quote their price. You can check out the brand’s website however as they do sell it there for £7.00. This is more expensive than I’d typically pay for a hand cream, but as I mentioned a moment ago, I did pick this up while it was on sale so I don’t recall spending that much.

According to the brand’s website that I linked above, this is a cruelty-free product, and although I have outdated packaging, the side of the box does also claim it’s “tested on humans” while also lacking a cruelty-free logo, so at the time I bought it (remembering it is outdated packaging) they weren’t verified from an organisation like PETA. Whether you consider this trustworthy information is up to you to decide, although their site at the time of writing does list the product as cruelty-free. I plan to do more research into the brand before reaching a conclusion myself, but for the sake of this specific product, it’s not a concern as I bought this before going actively cruelty-free.

Hand Chemistry Triple Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator

Moving on to the claims, the back of the box features this description:

“Unlike traditional creams that target only surface moisture, this triple-function hydrator offers below- and above-surface hydration while forming an invisible protection “glove” to help prevent moisture loss. Contains both low- and high-molecular-weight forms of nature-like hyaluronic acid for instant and longer-term hydration in a base of liquid mango butter, Brazilian Acai and Inca Inchi oil.”

What I adore about this brand’s approach is how it attempts to stand out from the crowd: the focus on both an outer and inner treatment for the hands was really intriguing and quite impressive. It’s a valid approach to take as we’re becoming more and more informed about how to look after our skin. As someone with very difficult hands to keep happy, this seemed like a potential staple in the making for me.

My hands typically aren’t very dry, but when I do have dryness, it tends to develop into eczema that is not only sore and uncomfortable to put up with, but also tricky to manage as I work from my PC where I’m obviously using my hands to do my work. So it’s easy to keep aggravating my hands as I get on with my day-to-day life, so the process can be slow and tedious.

Hand Chemistry Triple Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator

The packaging itself is slightly wider than I’m used to, taking up most of the partition in my drawer I have dedicated for it. This isn’t necessarily problematic for me as it stays in my office at all times, but if you like to have only one hand cream on the go that can go with you in your makeup bag, then this is the first inconvenience you might come across. I personally keep a separate hand cream in my bag, but I can definitely see why that’s not convenient for everyone.

Otherwise the packaging is relatively conventional and easy to use: the cap has enough resistance when opening it that it doesn’t just pop open when dropped, which is immediately a plus for me. I can be quite clumsy, especially when grabbing things off my desk for work, and it’s not unheard of for me to accidentally knocking things over or off my desk with my elbow.

It’s easy to squeeze product out from the tube, and it’s easy to control how much after a couple of uses to get used to using the product. I prefer to squeeze out the product to apply in sections of my hand at a time. This is typically split into my the top of my wrist, the underside and my knuckles, spreading out the product from those three spots. This helps keep hand creams from feeling too heavy or tacky on my skin, which is important for me as I hate the feeling of grimy hands or my mouse and keyboard getting grimy.

Hand Chemistry Triple Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator

As for the formula, it’s quite unconventional compared to what I’m used to. I’m used to using light or thick creams, but this has a more mousse/whipped texture to it. It’s quite lightweight and spreads over the skin quite easily. I was quite surprised by the texture the first few times I used it, but after roughly a week of using it, I’ve adjusted to the texture.

For the past week that I’ve been using it, my hands have been in a weird spot between being normal but also the early signs of an eczema breakout ready to show up. My hands are a tad dry and flaky, but it’s mild. This hand cream has done a good job and keeping the dryness at bay, but the eczema hasn’t changed much. So if you also struggle with eczema as well, this is worth bearing in mind. Another thing I noticed is that it’s quite irritating for any blisters I have on my hands: I have some on my ring finger on my left hand, and doesn’t nourish that area of my skin either. My blisters are a chronic thing for me at the moment, as I’m still figuring out what’s causing them, so I don’t hold this against the product, only that it irritates the skin.

However what really turns me off this product in spite of being decent formula-wise, is the strong citrus-y scent. This might be from the presence of citric acid or another ingredient, but the scent smells of lemon which does not sit well with my nose or stomach. It’s this factor that makes me write off this product, although if this isn’t an issue for you, then you don’t need to worry about this.

I placed another order on YesStyle to replace my hand cream with a new one, so expect another haul in the next week or so – depending on when it arrives. Once the replacement hand cream arrives, I plan to pass this product along, so this product will feature in April’s monthly post. It’s a shame as I want to keep testing this product out, but the scent is sadly too much for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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