First Impression: EGLIPS JolieBéBé Lip Polish

Happy Monday! Kicking off the new week with a first impression, I want to talk about Korean product: the EGLIPS JolieBéBé Lip Polish. One of the things I’m really bad at remembering to do is exfoliate my lips, and a cute product like this was hopefully going to help me kick that bad habit. Sadly this hasn’t changed my habits much, but I have used it enough to give some basic first impressions, so let’s jump in.

First all, the packaging is simple but cute, with a creamy and pale blue colour palette. The tube is slim and fairly short, holding 15ml of product. It’s handy for travel or carrying in a makeup bag because of its size, and also looks very pretty and delicate on top of my vanity.

EGLIPS JolieBéBé Lip Polish

It’s also very ergonomic and easy to work with: the cap doesn’t need very much effort to twist open, but it’s also pretty secure. I drop this product often in my clumsiness, and the cap hasn’t popped off. The applicator itself is rounded and easy to apply the product with, however I prefer to use a finger to wipe the desired amount of product off and massage onto the lips manually. In my mind, this is more hygienic, but also grants me more control of the lip polish itself however it’s ultimately down to what works best for you.

EGLIPS JolieBéBé Lip Polish

As for the formula itself, it’s a white formula that’s a strange combination of creaminess and grittiness. For general upkeep of the lips, this works great for me as it’s neither over exfoliating nor under-performing. However if you have dry lips that are struggling from the winter climate or just uncomfortable as we transition from one season into the next, regular use of this product might be too intense. When my lips are dry, this is too much, so I wait until my lips are in a happier spot to use it.

The only major gripe I have, and what is making me pass this on very soon, is the very artificial orange/citrus scent. While the scent itself is brief, because this lingers on the lips, it aggravates my nose and stomach, so I’ve decided to just move on from this product. If you don’t have issues with scents, then disregard this, but it’s too intense for me. As a lip scrub though, it’s a decent product, so weight these two factors based on your individual needs.

Overall, it’s a decent product, but not the right fit for my nose. EGLIPS are a cruelty-free brand as of the time I’m writing, so if you’re interested in a fully cruelty-free Korean makeup brand, this is a brand worth considering. It’s just a shame this specific product isn’t the right fit for me, as I really wanted it to be.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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