First Impression: B. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

B. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Happy Friday! As we reach the end of the working week, I want to write a first impression on a product I’ve been using recently. This is the B. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, which I picked up alongside the B. Pure Micellar Water when I ran out of my previous makeup remover and needed to find a quick replacement. I started using both of these on the 7th of May, so I haven’t used these for a long period of time, but as I’m about halfway through the bottle for both of these, I don’t think they’re going to last long enough for me to write a full review on them.

Today I’m focusing on the B. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, but I will be publishing a first impression on the B. Pure Micellar Water next week to go alongside it. At full price, this product retails for £7.99 for a 100ml bottle, however at the time of writing this post, it’s on sale for £3.97. At full price, I don’t think it’s worth buying as I have worked through around half the bottle in roughly 2 and a half weeks, but at roughly £4.00 instead, that’s a bit more reasonable, in my opinion.

B. Cosmetics as a brand is one I’m eager to experiment with as they’re one of Superdrug’s own-brands, and is cruelty-free. I’m not 100% certain they’re completely vegan friendly, but this product claims on the back of the bottle to be vegetarian and vegan friendly. Other products of theirs I have written about include their Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes, their Sensitive Micellar Wipes, their Refreshed Essence Lotion, and their Radiant Eye Cream. My opinions of the brand so far have varied, so while I am enthusiastic to try more from the brand, my experience hasn’t been extremely positive or negative.

B. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

So let’s address the claims, the sticker with the bar code had some of the glue left over obscuring some of the text, so like always I’ll quote the claims for you:

B. Gentle is a quick and mild eye makeup remover. The gentle and non-greasy formula will also leave your lashes feeling more nourished and looking healthier.

The Benefits:

Gentle formula – Perfect for sensitive skin.

Nourishes lashes – Leaves lashes looking healthier with regular use. With Pro Vitamin B5 and Cucumber Extract.

False lash friendly – Tested on false lash users.”

The concept of being nourishing for eye lashes is one that I find quite interesting. I’ve never had issues with my lashes aside from them getting tangled together as they’re quite long, so it was a lash issue that never really occurred to me.

I do have sensitive and oily skin however, so I do experience issues where some micellar water formulas are too irritating to use on my eyes. Some can be fine for my face, but for my eyes, particularly my under-eye area, they can leave the skin red and sore. So I will be discussing my experience regarding my skin’s reaction or lack of.

I don’t wear false lashes, so I can’t really comment on how this works with them or if their claims are accurate or not. False lashes for me don’t do me any favours as I have very hooded eyelids and I find false lashes hide what little eyelid space I have. I also find they’re too high maintenance for my personal preference, so I just wear mascara and curl my natural lashes if I want that extra impact.

B. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

The packaging is pretty conventional: a clear plastic bottle with a white cap. The dispenser for the product is a small hole that you pour the product out from. According to the symbols on the bottle, the clear plastic bottle is widely recycled, and typically like a lot of other products, the plastic cap needs to be checked against your local recycling if you live in the UK. In my case, my local council does accept the caps, so this is something you should look into if you’re also vigilant about recycling.

The dispenser is really easy to work with, and I don’t find it pours too much out at one time. I pour this onto a cotton round (I personally love Superdrug’s 100% Cotton Wool Rounds), then place the cotton round over my eye to sit for roughly 30 seconds, then gently wiggle it over the eyelids to help break down my eye makeup. Finally whatever remains I gently swipe the cotton round over the eyelids until the remaining makeup is gone. I also like to pour some on a cotton swab to help remove any remaining makeup in harder to reach areas of the eyes like my inner corners where the cotton round can easily miss.

In terms of performance, this does everything I need it to for my everyday makeup. This usually consists of eyeshadow and eyeliner. On days I wear mascara, I use a cleansing oil to make sure I remove as much of the mascara as possible, as I find I’m not vigilant enough when using micellar water. This isn’t an issue with the micellar water themselves in most cases, but that I can’t always tell if I’ve removed all traces of my mascara. I find cleansing oil gives me more confidence as I like to double cleanse my eyes and face with the oil.

Overall I really like this micellar water, it does what I need as an everyday eye makeup remover. My only gripe is that for the full retail price of £7.99, you work through the 100ml of product really quickly, as it’ll take my approximately a month to finish this bottle. However, for the reduced price of £3.97, I do think this is worth the money, so it’s a recommendation I make purely on whether it’s on sale at the time that you’re shopping. I can see myself repurchasing this in the future, but only if we get more value for money: for example, a bigger bottle for the same full retail price, or the same amount while it’s on sale like I described a moment ago.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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