February Haul 2019:

February Haul 2019

Happy Monday! For the first time in a while, just under a year actually, I’m blogging a haul, as I’ve found myself filling the empty spots in my collection in bulk for the first time in a while. I typically pick up one or two products sporadically, and I don’t think they’re worth a separate post for. So I’m gonna share with you what I picked up over the weekend and talk about what attracted me to them.

February Haul 2019

I picked up only one skincare item this time around, and it’s the B. Glowing Booster. This is a product that on the side of the box claims to be influenced by Korean cosmetics and specifically the ampoules that you may be familiar with on the market. I’ve eyed up Korean ampoules for years now, but always practiced restraint and never bought one before.

I initially looked at this on the shelf and thought “is this really necessary? I have so many skincare items stashed away” and what changed my mind was the line on the side of the box that reads: “B. Boosters are designed to used as and when your skin needs some extra support.” This might seem rather strange to get hung up over, but if you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you’re likely aware that I have a little section in the drawer of my desk where I store my hand cream, a lip balm and a roll-on eye serum. This little section of my drawer is much-loved in my life as it holds the items I’ll reach for throughout the day as and when I need them. My intention for this product is to let it sit in my drawer and on days I don’t wear makeup, I can grab this to freshen up my skin when it needs it. I’m not sure yet if my skin will really need it, but seeing this little booster product inspired me to try it.

The B. Glowing Booster retails for £9.99 at full price, however I bought mine while it was on sale (and at the time of writing, it still is) for £4.89. At such a reduced price, I consider this worth the money to try out this little idea. I will give this product a go and write a review in the future when I’ve had enough time to develop a proper opinion.

February Haul 2019

Moving on to the first of the makeup products, we’re starting with face/base products. Both of these products are from Revolution (they’re still Makeup Revolution in my head, bear with me if I mislabel the brand), and the first is the Conceal & Correct Colour Correcting Concealer in the shade ‘Green‘. This product retails for £4.00, so very affordable.

One of the things that I’ve been learning about my makeup habits in the past year or so, is that while I don’t enjoy colour correcting in a “use every corrector under the sun” sort of way, there are times when I benefit from using them. I’m quite fond of green colour correctors to tone down the redness around my nose, the inflammation from acne, etc. I find with the right formula and specific green-tone, I can skip a concealer entirely on some areas of my face because the redness is toned down but it doesn’t leave my skin looking noticeably green, just toned down. Maybe I do look crazy and don’t realise it. I trust my husband to tell me if I look strange.

The second base product I picked up is one I will be stashing for a little while, which is the Fast Base Concealer in the shade ‘C1‘. This concealer retails for £5.00, which is a reasonable price, in my opinion. Before I get distracted I want to give a shout out to the team that handled packaging: thank you so much for labeling the packaging to dissuade people from recklessly opening up products. You can’t see it in my photo but under the plastic seal is a label that reads: “Wrapped for your protection and hygiene”. It irritates me to no end when selfish customers open up makeup to test that isn’t a tester or because a tester is unavailable. It costs companies money and makes that product unsafe for another customer who may have bought that product. I’ve also bought products that I didn’t realise another customer had opened and had to throw them away. I’m easily irritated by this issue as it’s cost me time and money and inevitably it’s done the same to other people too. Like seriously, if you read that label and still opened it up, I’m not sure how you defend your selfish actions: just ask a member of staff if they can provide a tester for you.

Rant aside… (yes I feel better for that) I picked this up after using the tester on the back of my hand. I was astonished with how pale it was and although it’s slightly too pink toned for my undertone (I’m neutral-cool) I think I can make it work since it’s usually yellower concealers that make me look sallow or tired. I still have a couple of concealers stashed away, but I have a strong suspicion that they’re going to be too dark and I made a compromise at the time with it, so I wanted to have a concealer ready that I knew would match me in case I do declutter them quickly.

February Haul 2019

I’ve put brows and eye products together this time around, and the first product is the GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes which is designed to be an eyeshadow base, eyeliner and brow product in one. It retails for £9.99, which is the most expensive product in this haul.

I picked out the lightest shade which is called ‘001 Sand’, and this is intended to replace my current go-to eyeshadow base, which is the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Creamy Mattes Gel-Cream Eyeshadow in ‘Creme de Rose 91‘. I really like my Maybelline product as it’s served my makeup needs really well as an eyeshadow base, but I’ve owned it for a while and I’m beginning to notice the formula getting harder and gritty, and doesn’t perform as well as it used to on my eyelids. So I can see myself decluttering this soon and I wanted a backup ready. I picked the GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes product because so far I’ve had a mostly good experience with this brand’s products. There are lots of shades ranging from near-skin tone type of shades to darker shades that I think could work as brow shades.

I picked out the lightest shade because I want an eyeshadow base that can tone down the veins under the lids and create a smooth canvas for eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc while being like a concealer. I don’t use an eyeshadow base every single time I wear makeup, but I do enjoy having one I can reach for. Sometimes I like to just use an eyeshadow base, set it with a powder – it can be a setting powder or a skin tone eyeshadow shade and leave it at that. I find it makes me look more put together and not look quite so tired as I actually am. This specific shade wouldn’t really work as a brow colour, but if it’s around your skin tone shade, it can accentuate the shape of the brows instead. Although this is the lightest shade, it is a little bit darker than my natural skin tone – this isn’t really surprising, I’m paler than most conventionally catered to skin tones, so I’m happy to work around this. I’m really excited to try this product out and see how multi-functional it actually is, so I’ll definitely review this product in the future.

The brow product I picked out is the MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil, which I picked out in the shade ‘Dark Brown‘. This retails for £2.50 which is a delightfully affordable price as far as I’m concerned. As far as shade goes, I have naturally dark brown/near-black hair, and I find that dark brown is a good shade area to use to tidy up my brows, without making them look crazy or excessive. I’ve tried black for my brows in the past, but I find it looks too harsh even though it can match the hairs well. I prefer more subtle brows, accentuating what I have and not being the main attraction of my makeup look.

I’m really fond of brow pencils at the moment, and usually sharpen the nib of the pencil to be as fine as possible. While my brows are medium-thick, I don’t like using pencils that are too thick, as it can be difficult to control and hard to clean up if I mess up. So ‘micro precision’ in the name really drew me in. I have a couple of brow pencil style products in my stash, but I suspect they may not fit my tastes anymore even though they did when I bought them, so I picked up this product just in case I need a replacement sooner rather than later.

February Haul 2019

Last of all, I picked out one lip product which is the MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick, in the shade ‘World Class‘. It retails for £3.00, so yet another highly affordable product. My lip preferences are a bit of an awkward thing to accommodate for: as I adore the matte lip trends, but I don’t like compromising comfort to achieve it. I’m really fond of the gradient lip from Korean makeup trends, while also fond of the blurred matte lip. In my ideal situation, I’d achieve something in between: comfortable lip product with that gorgeous blurred look. I’m still experimenting with matte formulas to find which ones work for me, but I’m also eager to try satin finish lipsticks to see if they offer that compromise I’m looking for.

I picked out the shade ‘World Class’ specifically because while gorgeous in its full pigmentation, when I blended out the shade on the back of my hand when using the tester, it looked beautiful blended out too. I’m quite excited to see if this product gives me that comfortable but beautiful lipstick look that I really like. This is likely to replace my MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balm (specifically in the shade ‘Cherry Bomb‘) which I’ve reviewed in the past, which I love. However, as time it passing, both of the shades I own are getting closer to going off so I want to find a replacement. I really like my-lips-but-better shades as they’re easy to wear and don’t draw a ton of attention to myself while still looking very pretty and giving me a little confidence boost. I feel like this shade achieves that sort of tone when blended out so I’m excited to put this product to the test.

That concludes my February haul. I’m really excited to try these products out, and will write up reviews or first impressions as time goes by. I hope you’ll consider reading them as and when those happen. In the mean time, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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