Eyeliner: Do I or Don’t I?

Although I don’t wear makeup everyday, when I do I usually have a minimal routine for days when I’m rushed for time or feeling a bit lazy. This usually consists of concealing my under eye circles (if they’re bad enough), concealing any acne or acne scars while my skincare routine gets to work on speeding up the healing process, some brow gel to fix my brows in place if I don’t want to fill them in, some powder of course, and most of the time I line my eyes.

This feels very normal for me: it helps me feel ‘put together’ without looking caked up or overdone. As a blogger now, I also like to observe the makeup looks of celebrities, people I pass by in the streets and those of my friends for inspiration for any looks I want to try and wear myself. What occurred to me from my observations is that eyeliner doesn’t seem that high a priority for some of my friends. Now this isn’t a criticism at all: everyone is entitled to wear makeup as they choose, I just find it interesting. I can go without any other makeup, but I will usually line my eyes just so people want to look me in the eyes a bit more.

When I talk to my friends at work, they usually tell me that trying to apply eyeliner is too much hassle: it’s so difficult to get it right! Especially when you need to catch a bus or walk to work. Which I completely understand, there are times when I don’t bother with eyeliner because I don’t want to be late for work. But many of my friends who do go without have told me they don’t want to use eyeliner at all even when they have the time: for some of them it requires too much effort to get right. Again, I understand: I’m definitely not an expert with eyeliner – my successful eye looks tend to be hit and miss. I do find it interesting that some people are put off entirely because of the challenge.

However, not all of my friends avoid eyeliner. Friends of mine at uni line their eyes beautifully, even if we only have to be in uni for a single lecture. I’m also aware that for some people, their makeup look doesn’t feel complete without some style of eyeliner to rock with a colourful lip or glowing cheeks. Personally, I like to line my entire upper lash line and thicken it slightly at the outer corner and wing it a little just to waken my eyes up a bit. I don’t line them perfectly every time, but I enjoy making the effort. Although this may not be for everyone.

So what are your makeup habits? Do you like to line your eyes when you can, or do you prefer to leave it out? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, while I didn’t plan to discuss it, what type of eyeliner do you prefer? I’m tied between liquid and gel, although liquid is faster to use, but can be a bit too intense on my eyes if I do it wrong. I find pencil liners smudge away on my oily lids so I tend to stay away from them.

If there are any types of skin care products you’re interested in reading a review of, or any types of makeup products, then drop me a comment and I’ll consider testing some out and writing my experience with them. Thank you for taking the time to look through my blog, it means a lot to me.

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