End of Year Blogging Update

Hi everyone, just a quick little update since I know it’s been a while since I posted. This seems to be a habit right now… I swear I’m trying to break this writing block. I plan on kicking things back into gear for the new year, and I’ll write out my goals in a separate post since it’s something I’m feeling very enthusiastic about and I want to keep that completely blogging related.

For now, I want to reflect on my year and to sum it up comfortably it’s been a complicated but great year. I graduated my three year degree in English & Contemporary Media, which was honestly one of the of biggest challenges of my life so far. I’m facing the daunting but very much achievable prospect of starting a career, which I’ve decided I want to be in video editing. I’ve even taken a class and started building a portfolio which I’m very proud of.

As for things I’m looking forward to, next month I will be taking a week long trip to Canada to see my better half (not that he likes me calling him the ‘better’ one haha) where he will come back with me and will be living in the UK to work towards training and becoming a qualified accountant. I’m honestly so amazed and proud of him for taking such a big leap to do this. I’m also working hard to learn digital art and develop my own style (let’s forget about the God forsaken bubble writing from my November Blogging Challenge, haha… Ha…) And of course, I’m really proud of the progress my blog is making, slow as it can feel at times and sometimes very difficult. But I do love my blog so I am trying my best even when that means taking breaks to let the creativity hit me again.

What this post is really about for me as a writer is to actually sit down and take the time to appreciate what I have achieved. It is so easy to get lost in the idea of having to make such tremendous progress that we lose sight of what we have already done, and how big that in itself is.

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