Discussion: For the Love of… Onesies?


So today I wanted to try talking about something a bit different, something that’s kind of spur of the moment as far as topics for my blog are concerned. But it’s something I thought about on an few occasions, and thought I would write about this anyway. The topic on my mind has been the hype around onesies. You know, those sleep suits everyone has been obsessed with for quite a while now.

I have to admit, I was extremely resistant to the trend. “Normal pyjamas are comfy enough!” Is how I would often reply, genuinely content that my pyjama top and bottoms combo was more than enough to keep me happy and warm while I sleep. Of course, everyone has their own answer for that “but what about when you’re watching a movie? Onesies are so comfy and warm – perfect!” In which case I’m usually a bit stumped but let people feel they’ve won even though I’m not entirely convinced.

Perhaps I was just being stubborn: I could certainly understand the appeal but I certainly didn’t feel like I needed one of my own. I couldn’t rationalise spending more than £10 on pyjamas/loungewear, particularly on my student budget. But I’m also one of those people who hates jumping on the band wagon just for the sake of jumping on the band wagon. Obviously I didn’t resist forever, if my photo above didn’t give that away.

So when and why did I change my mind? Well, the photo above was taken from Boxing Day, and I received the onesie you see me in (I’m in the middle just in case you weren’t sure) as a (joke) Christmas present from my parents – we all received one so we could all wear onesies together as a family. I received a sheep onesie, my brother (on the right,) a leopard, my Mum a Minnie Mouse one, my stepdad’s a simple patterned onesie, and my older brother’s Captain America (or the American flag, I can’t remember exactly, my memory is a bit foggy).

In the context of it all, it was a fun and light hearted gesture by my parent’s – they wanted the onesies to be a sign of our family being able to relax and be completely at ease – like if we sit down to watch a film together as a family. With that kind of reasoning in mind, our onesies are a really lovely thing – and it’s one of the key reasons I changed my mind about not wanting to wear them.

Also… They are very comfortable! And I mean, I could easily fall asleep in the middle of my living room floor just lying in my onesie. That is, if my dog doesn’t attack me by licking my face. Or maybe he’ll just cuddle up with me. I’ll be happy with that.

On days like now when the weather is still quite cold and even when you’re indoors you can feel yourself feeling chilly, onesies are a great way to warm up. But that’s also one of their drawbacks – they can be too good. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s felt like it’s the middle of July while it was actually December… (Thinking back to Christmas time here.) Yea, it’s one thing to warm up and it’s another thing to sweat.

What I can’t resist are the cuteness of these things. Like I mentioned earlier, my onesie is of a sheep, with the face and horns on the hood (my boyfriend thought it was a cow, which I very quickly took offence to – in a jokey kind of way I’ll quickly add) and the soft wooly-like texture over the entire body. I understand why these are great gifts. I have grown to really love my onesie. If anything I’m very tempted to buy one online for myself – this time as a cat. I love cats. Of course, having looked online, I’m now tempted to buy half a dozen different ones – a Totoro one, a dragon, a bunny even… The list can go on and on.

I am sucker for anything cute. And somehow even adults can make what were originally baby’s sleep suits look very cute. Whenever I heard the word “onesie” originally, I would be reminded of my Mum telling me how the midwife (after Mum had just given birth to me and I was but a wee thing) wished they made sleep suits for adults. Well, 21 years (less than that really) on and her wish was fulfilled. Onesies are now a huge hit, and I can’t imagine they’ll stop being popular any time soon.

While I don’t care for being a part of the hype, I am happy I came around to the idea. My onesie stays at home with my parent’s house, and when I come home to visit when I’m stressed, I can put on my onesie and wind down. It’s a symbol for relaxation and comfort.

Do you own a onesie? If so, how many? I only have the one, but I’m more than tempted to buy more. I would love to hear your opinions on this topic, and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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