Christmas Makeup Bag 2017:

Christmas Makeup Bag 2017

Following on from my ‘Christmas Skincare Routine 2017‘ post that I published yesterday, I want to share with you the makeup I have picked out from my collection that will be coming home with me when I visit my family. I tried to be relatively selective, but I did pick out options for myself in certain categories, and I want to talk about my choices section by section.

Makeup Brushes:

Christmas Makeup Bag 2017

Makeup tools out of the way first, I decided to skip out my entire makeup brush collection entirely, and pull out my two travel sets. They’re both from the brand Ecotools, one is the Fresh & Flawless Complexion Set, and the other is an eyeshadow set. I think both are in more outdated packaging now, but across the two sets, my brush needs should be met. I like how compact the packaging for the brushes are, because even though I can’t fit them in my makeup bag, they won’t take up much room in my suitcase which is fine with me.

Base Makeup:

Christmas Makeup Bag 2017

I plan on keeping my makeup relatively low maintenance, so you won’t see a foundation here. I was initially going to bring my NYX HD Concealer, but it’s becoming even more obvious to me lately just how off the colour match is on me now. I used to be able to just blend it down enough to get away with it, but now it’s just too obvious. So instead I’m taking my E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in the shade combination “Fair/Glow“. While this product is designed for under eyes, the texture is really light on the skin, and I’m hoping that will help with any potential shade issues – since I’m very pale and I find it impossible to find a true shade match. I simply have to get as close as I can and blend until it’s not silly.

As far as powders go, I decided to take my Maybelline Matte Maker Powder, since it’s a clear powder and I know it works with my skin for applying where I need it. My expectation is that I’ll use it to set my concealer wherever I happen to apply it, as opposed to a mattifying effect that I tend to do throughout the rest of the year. I know I can trust this product – and I’m getting close to completely clearing the pan.


Christmas Makeup Bag 2017

I decided to give myself two options for blush, both in terms of shade and the formula. For a more watery based formula for drier days and more reddish tint, I picked out my sample/travel size of the Benefit Benetint, which I use exclusively as a cheek product. For a powder and more subtle, warm-pink toned blush, I picked out my Essence Silky Touch Blush in the shade ‘10 Adorable‘.


Christmas Makeup Bag 2017

I’ve kept both of these categories relatively low-key, so I’m putting these together. I don’t like to be too complex with my brows, so I only want to take my GOSH Brow Kit, with shades tailored for darker hair colours. I have dark brown/near black hair, and I find the two darker shades fit well so I can have more subtle brows or more intense brows depending on which shade I pick. I was going to take my brow pencil from The Body Shop, but I don’t want to bring a sharpener with me, and my brow kit has a brush included which is just more ideal for me.

As for eyeliners, I picked out my GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen in the shade ‘03 Brown‘. Having pale skin, I find black only really looks best on me on top of a more full eyeshadow look, whereas brown looks great on my pale skin tone with and without shadows. Black is a great colour, but it can be a bit too intense, so I’m leaving it behind this time. I wanted to take a pencil liner, and I opted for my Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner in a burgundy shade. Unfortunately I don’t know Korean so I can’t translate the name, but if you’re looking for it, it has the number ’15’ attached to the name. I find burgundy can be a subtle liner colour on my skin for days I want something really minimal and understated.


Christmas Makeup Bag 2017

Moving from eyeliners and in to eyeshadows, I selected three eyeshadows and a cream eyeshadow pot for those rare days I might want to put a bit more effort in. From the left, I pulled out the Collection Work the Colour Nude Eye Palette, which has a selection of neutral shades that I find I can work with. Along the top, I have the B. Complete Eyeshadow Palette, in the palette selection ‘117 Dead of Night‘. It has a really autumnal lavender theme to it, and I just found myself grabbing for it while looking through my drawer of eyeshadow palettes.

My cream eyeshadow of choice that I find is just a reliable go-to is the Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes in the shade ‘Crème De Nude 93‘. The name of the shade pretty much explains itself, but the nude/skin-like tone works really nicely as a base for my eyelids and covers over most of my veins for a more flawless looking base. It is darker than my natural skin tone, but I find it works well enough since I typically apply eyeshadows over the top.

For the final eyeshadow product, I picked out an oldie from my collection, which is the Dolly Wink eyeshadow quad in the shade ‘01 Brown‘ (from roughly translating the title with my limited memory of Japanese). I remember a few YouTubers from back in the day talked about this quad and I bought my own and it’s a nice quad I can go to if I want a warmer based quad. I typically prefer cooler tones, but I still find myself liking these shades for days when I just want something warm.


Christmas Makeup Bag 2017

Finally, I really reeled myself in when it came to picking out lip products, as I have much more lip products than any other in my collection, and settled myself to three products. I picked them out mostly by shade, but I put the formula into consideration as well to really limit when searching through my collection.

The first is a product I’ve been reaching for pretty much all year for those rare days I do wear makeup, and it’s the MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balm, in the shade ‘Cherry Bomb‘. This is a line of tinted lip balms I know I can rely on for reasonable pigmentation while being quite moisturising because of the lip balm consistency. It’s good for those days I want to take a walk into town to get errands done and don’t want to be high maintenance.

In the middle, one of the remaining Revlon Lip Butters still in my collection is the shade ‘040 Red Velvet‘ which is a nice burgundy shade. I love the slightly more vampy look, and while these aren’t long wearing, the compromise is that they’re quite moisturising, which for my needs, is more important. My lips get really dry and I’d rather wear something more moisturising and reapply rather than something long wearing that leaves my lips proverbially crying.

Finally, for a pinker, more natural lip colour, I’m tucking my Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade ‘415 Pink in the Afternoon‘. At full pigmentation, it’s slightly too much for my skin tone, but when I tone it down, either by applying directly after a lip balm, or dabbing it down with my finger tips, I find it adds a really subtle and sweet pigmentation to the lips that works really nicely on my paler skin. I feel like with these three shades, it provides enough variety for a week away from my collection that I don’t think I’ll be upset for a lack of choice.

Christmas Makeup Bag 2017

And this concludes the makeup I’m tucking away into my makeup bag. I think this is going to fulfill my makeup needs for a week, and I don’t find myself wondering if something is missing. I considered throwing my Benefit Porefessional travel size tube in here, but honestly, my skin is such a mess as I recover from the flu and just the change in weather that I plan to depend on a good moisturiser and my sunscreen to be my primer for a week.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, you have the patience of a saint to read all the way to the end. I hope it was enjoyable, it was fun to sit down and look through my collection and just appreciate what I have. I won’t be posting any more content for the next week, while I’m visiting my family and away from my PC, but I will have lots of content to write up for the new year, so please keep an eye out when we arrive at 2018! (That’s weird to type, it feels like it should still be March or something.)

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