Review: CARE:NEL Lip Sleeping Mask

CARE:NEL Lip Sleeping Mask

Happy Monday! To break my short period of hiatus, I want to review a skincare product that I picked out in my YesStyle haul back in February of this year. You can buy them in a pack of 3 5g tubs, or one tub in two different sizes. As you can see photographed above, I went with the 3 pack.

I picked the 3 pack because it was fairly sensible for me. I haven’t tried this product before then, so it made sense to me to have 3 smaller tubs, with one I can work through first, then decide what I want to do with the other 2.

CARE:NEL Lip Sleeping Mask

The tubs themselves are fairly simple: a lid to twist off, and then there’s the lip mask/balm inside. There isn’t a divider to separate the product from the air inside the tub, which is something I would have liked.

As it’s sold, the idea is to dip your finger into the pot and tap the product onto your lips, which to me is pretty unhygienic, even if you’re careful. I tried it out that way the first couple of times, but I don’t enjoy getting lip balm on my fingers.

CARE:NEL Lip Sleeping Mask

Instead, I pulled out one of my mini spatulas from my beauty tools drawer, and it just stays with the tub as a companion. I feel like I have more control over how much of the product I use. It’s also very simple to keep clean so I don’t feel nervous about dipping germ-y fingers back into the tub where they can fester.

Using the spatula has also helped me to see how much or little progress I’ve made, as I’m just under halfway through the first tub over the span of 2 months. Considering this is tub 1 of 3, it’s going to take a very long time to use all of them up.

CARE:NEL Lip Sleeping Mask

As far as the formula goes, the mask/balm is a medium-thick balm with a faint berry scent. I don’t find the scent to be intrusive or overwhelming, and my stomach hasn’t had any disagreements with it so far. While it appears pink, I find that once you start to spread it over the lips, it becomes fairly unnoticeable.

On the lips it has the appearance of a very light glossy texture, and I do notice it on my lips for the first hour. This is what I use as a night time lip balm/sleeping mask, so I try to remember to apply this at least half an hour before I go to bed. I also go out of my way not to press my lips onto my pillow until it dries down more, but I haven’t noticed any major issues.

In terms of performance, I wake up every morning with very hydrated and moisturised lips. Even with autumn here and some colder days, my lips feel soft and smooth. While I always prefer to apply lip balm before applying a lipstick, this lip mask does allow me to skip that step if I’m in a rush.

Overall, I’m quite content with this lip sleeping mask. It’s not something I’d wear throughout the day as it’s a bit too heavy for my preference. But as part of my night time routine, it’s very pampering and my lips really respond positively to it. I intend to continue using the other 2 tubs, but it’ll likely be at least 2 more months until I finish the first.

I think this is worth a look at if you’re looking for a lip balm that will pamper and nourish your lips. But if you don’t like medium-heavy textures, I’d skip it. In normal day to day circumstances, this would be too heavy for me. But for night time, it’s something I’m fine with as it’s not intrusive into my normal daily routine.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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