My Canada Trip – Part 5

To round this series of posts off, here is my final post. I said I was going to have this post up by last Tuesday, but one… I was disorganised, and also I was going to ask a friend about using some photos from the trip but since it would mean checking with all my friends for their consent, I have since decided I’ll keep those photos private so I don’t upset anyone.

Canada Niagara Falls


So for the final weekend on the other side of the Atlantic, my boyfriend and I took a road trip down to Pennsylvania to visit some our online friends that we met and talk to on Twitch. We had been going mad with excitement for this trip so when we were finally on the road, the excitement was real.

Canada Niagara Falls


The drive itself down took around 10 hours, which for a Brit is a pretty big drive. For Americans and Canadians I can understand why you might be smirking a little, but please bear in mind that for Brits, our island(s) are pretty tiny, and a drive from the south of England to the middle of Scotland is about seven hours. So 10 hours to drive from Ontario to one of the nearest states takes some adjusting to get used to.

America Niagara Falls


But enough of that, to kick off the drive, we took the route through Niagara Falls again, and once we got through customs (oh God… I’ll explain some more in a second), we stopped to take some photos from the American side. I’ve started putting these in from the beginning, since there are a lot of photos.

America Niagara Falls


I’m going to say this now before I forget, but there was another duck! Except this one flew away! Which confirmed from my trip on the Canadian side that the duck that went over the falls did in fact give up on everything. I’m just baffled how one duck flew away and the other simply didn’t. It left my mind racing over it for ages.

America Niagara Falls


Back to customs however, I swear it was the most tense I had been in a while – and this is coming from the young woman who was almost ill from anxiety over flying alone for the first time. As you’d expect, the customs office was very strict and formal and since I was a non-American or Canadian crossing the border, they wanted to interview me. This was pretty frustrating honestly, but they have to do their jobs. I just figured that Americans and Canadians like Brits enough. Haha…

America Niagara Falls


My boyfriend on the other hand, because he is a native Canadian wasn’t going to need an interview, but he did help keep me feeling relaxed since any one-to-one or mildly tense conversation tends to leave me feeling a bit shaken. I’m not sure how in-depth I’m allowed to talk about it, but basically they just want to know what you’re going to be up to over the border and a contact so they can reach you so you don’t stay longer than you should – which was fine for us since we had no ill intentions planned.

The American side of the Falls is no where near as impressive as the Canadian side – their waterfall is significantly smaller and the skyline of the Canadian Niagara town is just beautiful compared to the American side, it was a worthwhile stop.

After our little stop it was a lot of long periods of driving, and my boyfriend occasionally singing along to 80s music on the radio. And for those of you who don’t know, and I’m guessing that’s all of you, his singing only sounds good in his head, haha.

AmazingSully and Hollypop Selfie


Also, I’m just going to drop in one last selfie since we’re cute like that. Oh God, if you could see how awkwardly he was stood – he has to bend his knees so much to get in the frame with me. I think I referenced this before, but he’s 6ft 2″, and I’m 5ft 1″. Or for a rough idea, I barely stand up to his shoulders.

The drive itself was otherwise pretty peaceful, but once you get into Pennsylvania, the roads become quite traumatic, well, they are especially if you drive at night – which by the time we got there, it was.

The state is settled in winding mountains, with roads that accommodate around them. The roads can overlook remarkably beautiful cliffs during the day, but during the night they are terrifying. They lack street lighting, and since it was raining a lot, it meant visibility was almost minimal. Now don’t get me wrong, I trust my boyfriend’s driving, but I do not trust steep hills, rain drenched roads and sharp turns. Made worse when your reaction time is shortened because you rely purely on your headlights for vision. In my eyes, they spell a recipe for disaster.

However, we eventually got to our friend’s place, after a stop Williamsport at a quaint diner for dinner. I can’t thank my friend enough for his hospitality, and to his cat Winchester that he took in a while ago: you are the cutest devil I have ever met – and I’ve had eights throughout my lifetime. For an idea of what his cat is like, although not a real representation of his devilish ways – I’m going to embed a video my friend posted on YouTube of him playing fetch. Because my God, it is adorable.

The following day was spent hanging out in the next town over, where we goofed around with our friends. My boyfriend, being a proud Canadian, made poutine for everyone and the rest of the day was spent having fun. For those who don’t know what poutine is, it is a mix of french fries cooked with gravy and cheese curds. To me this sounds sickening, but the mild tasting batch my boyfriend made was not as bad as I expected. Canadian grocery stores specific poutine gravy which is similar to a vegetable or beef gravy. Odd to say, but that’s how my boyfriend described it to me.

After the weekend was over, we had the fun of driving back up to Canada, which was much more chilled out. We stopped at a CVS on our way back so I could pick up some makeup goodies and snacks – the hauls from my trip are going to be written up I promise!

We had one day to relax on the Monday, so we streamed once more for my boyfriend’s final stream in Canada, but unfortunately the footage has been lost since I didn’t export and download the broadcast in time. *facepalms hard*

The flight home was a bit uncomfortable. My plan was to sleep the entire flight was we were cruising, but a couple sat behind us were talking very loudly. I was a very grumpy Holly although I tried to be reasonable – my boyfriend explained to me that they had hearing impairments so they didn’t realise how loud they were. It was just very annoying when the lady sat behind me grabbed my scarf and tugged it because she was upset it was falling behind into her space… This woke me up a few times so… Ugh. Water under the bridge right?

Thank you for reading this very post. In the next few days I will get my hauls and travel kit photographed and written up, and you can see what I took with me, as well as what I bought while overseas. It also means I can finally clear some space on my desk, since I kept it all organised so I didn’t forget anything…

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