Review: Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask

Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask

Happy Friday and Easter weekend! Today I want to talk about a product that is deserving of discussion on this long and restful bank holiday weekend. This is the Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask, and has been in my bathroom for a little while now. You can find this brand in Boots, and this specific mask retails for £9.00 on Sainsbury’s site.

This mask sits in my bathroom alongside the Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask at the moment, which I’ve also reviewed. I wasn’t going out of my way to have two of the brand’s masks on the go, but I pulled the clay mask out of my Benched Skincare Box, after passing on two previous masks that either didn’t work for my skin or expired. So this is a partnership of accident, more than anything, as it was the last clay mask I had that was already opened and needed to be moved out of my Benched Skincare Box.

As far as the brand’s cruelty-free status goes, they claim to be cruelty-free, complying with EU law, however I don’t know if they sell in countries like China which perform animal testing of their own. So I’m not going to vouch in either direction for this brand, but it’s worth researching further or considering going forward. If you have any information that helps to give a definitive answer on this, please leave a comment with that information and I’ll happily update this post with the relevant information and credit.

Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask

This mask itself is designed to “unclog pores & restore skin balance”, so ideal for anyone with oily, acne-prone or congested skin in general. There are also claims on the back of the tube which read as follows:

“Clear your skin of dirt, excessive oils, and toxins which lead to breakouts with this Pore Purifying Clay Mask. It contains Salicylic Acid, proven to help unclog congested skin, and oil-absorbing Dead Sea Mud rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron for the perfect facial detox at home. Avocado oil rich in Vitamins A, D and E with Acacia Honey further help skin rebalance itself to reveal a clearer, refreshed looking complexion.”

So to sum it up: it aims to de-clog the skin while nourishing it to prevent over-drying or parching the skin. I have oily-sensitive skin that is typically prone to hormonal breakouts – be it from my time of the month or stress. I use this on my T-zone area, while using my Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask on my cheeks and jaw to moisturise. My cheeks and jaws are also oily, but less so than the central areas of my face, and as they have smaller pores, I don’t find I need to worry about clearing pores on that area of my face. I focus on keeping my dehydrated skin topped up with moisture, while trying to juggle hydration and controlling excess sebum in those central areas of my face, where I find my skin issues happen the most often.

Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask

As far as the consistency goes, it’s a thick and creamy clay mask, and smooths over the skin in a very opaque layer. You can achieve a light layer which is what I aim for to avoid suffocating my skin while the mask works, but you can also layer it up if you prefer to. They instructions suggest to leave the mask on for 5 minutes for optimal benefits. I typically leave this on the skin for roughly 5-10 minutes, and wash it off in the shower.

It does have a tendency to dry down, which is the only factor I really dislike about this mask, however it really depends on how long you leave the mask on your skin. In my typical experience, the areas I have the lightest layer of product on do dry down, but where it’s slightly thicker it doesn’t quite set down. Because it is a thicker and creamier texture, it does take some work to wash off, but I haven’t found myself in a situation where I haven’t washed it all off.

Overall though, this is a nice clay mask and I haven’t found it over-drying or sensitising on my sensitive skin. I have yet to find a clay mask that truly de-clogs every single pore, but this does help refine and keep a lot of my pores in-check, so that’s a victory as far as I’m concerned. My pores are stubborn, large and even mistakable for freckles on my nose and cheeks, so I accept that this is just one of the characteristics of my skin I’ll always have to keep an eye on.

If you’re looking for a clay mask that isn’t over-drying and fairly affordable, this is worth looking into. If you’re a cruelty-free consumer, I suggest doing some extra reading on the brand (you might find information I couldn’t) and make an informed decision from there.

Otherwise, thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, and I hope the weekend treats you well.

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Spring and Summer Go-To Eyeshadows – 2019:

Spring and Summer Go-To Eyeshadows - 2019

Happy Monday! As the week begins again, I want to continue the series where I talk about the products I’m going to be reaching for throughout spring and summer. As far as eyeshadows go, my looks tend to be extremely neutral and subtle, so you’ll certainly see a theme here. I do go through phases where I try to be experimental though, so as you’ve probably figured out, I do have the occasional pop of colour in there. This isn’t my eyeshadow collection exclusively, but I’ve picked out the eyeshadows that I know I’ll be reaching for the most.

Spring and Summer Go-To Eyeshadows - 2019

If there’s one thing that’s always going to be in my eyeshadow collection, it’s some form of purely matte palette. The one sitting in my collection right now is the MUA Ever After – Matte Palette. I don’t use every single shade in this palette, but I use 8 out of the 10 shades fairly regularly.

The two shades I don’t really reach for is the yellow shade, which is the second shade on the top row, and the blue that’s second-to-last on the bottom row. The yellow is definitely way too much for my very pale skin tone, as much as I’d love to be able to make it work. I’m easily put off by blues as I struggle to make them work. I’m not sure why they don’t quite look right, but I am experimenting from time to time, but it’s definitely not a regular pick for me.

I really like that this palette tailors with warm and cool tones, and depending on whether I’m going to go with a warm or cool look, I alternate between the shades. I absolutely adore the shade ‘Unwrap‘ which is the top left shade as it’s universally great for highlighting my brow bone.

Of the shades I use the most, the darkest shade called ‘Smoke’ on the bottom right is the one I use the least. However, I like to use it as a setting powder for when I use pencil or gel eyeliners, as it’s dark enough to help fill in where a pencil or gel didn’t, while holding the liner underneath in place.

I love this palette for how flexible it is, particularly as most of these shades tailor to my tastes. This palette sits in the matte shadow drawer of my acrylic makeup drawers, alongside some other matte single shadows that I don’t reach for as often.

Spring and Summer Go-To Eyeshadows - 2019

Moving to smaller eyeshadows, a trio I’ve been trying out recently is the GOSH Eyelight Trio in ‘002 Fairytale‘. I’ve had this hidden in my eyeshadow stash for a while now, but I’ve been curious to try and make pink-tones work for my pale skin. A lot of the time they can make me look like my hayfever is really acting up, but I’m determined to make some cute and tasteful looks from these kinds of colours.

I pair this eyeshadow palette with some other matte single shadows that complement the pink and purple tones, but I also like to pull some of the cool tone brown shades from the MUA Ever After – Matte Palette that I talked about earlier. This palette is entirely made up of shimmery shades, so this isn’t one I’d use on its own. I typically pick either the pink or purple shade as an all-over eyelid shade, then pick deeper shades from elsewhere in my collection like a described a moment ago, then use the palest pink as an inner corner highlight.

On days I’m not reaching for my MUA Ever After – Matte Palette, I reach for my single eyeshadows, which as you can see, have a bit of a dent in them. I like to reach for the Essence The Velvets eyeshadow in ‘01 Fluffy Clouds‘ to highlight my brow bone, as it has very fine and barely detectable shimmer in it. It has enough sheen to highlight, but it’s also pale enough a shade that it actually highlights on my already very pale skin.

A single eyeshadow I’ve had for years and also featured in my Autumnal Go-To Eyeshadows 2018 post, is The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow in ‘110 Sand By Me‘. This is my go-to eyeshadow for the days when all I want to do is tone down my veiny-looking eyelids and set my primer of choice down. It’s slightly darker than my actual skin tone, but it’s close enough that it doesn’t look weird on the lids. I also like to grab that to blend out crease shades as well, on days that I’m not reaching for my MUA palette.

Ultimately, my single eyeshadows are supplements for days when I’m not reaching for my palettes, so they see fairly equal use. It mostly depends on what I’m reaching for from my collection on a given day.

Spring and Summer Go-To Eyeshadows - 2019

Lastly, I’m throwing in a bonus with my customisable magnetic palette in here, as I reach for this a lot as well depending on my tastes on a given day. This is just a simple palette I ordered off of Amazon, specifically this one here. It does the job well, while not being particularly fancy, and holds a fair number of shadows in it. If you want to hold larger pans like cheek products, I’d suggest finding a bigger palette though.

The top row of shades are from the Collection Work the Colour Nude Eye Palette which I included in my Autumnal Go-To Eyeshadows 2018 post. I did have the two lighter shades but I plan to declutter them as they’re a bit too shimmery for my eyelids, so you can expect to see those as the beginning of May. It was ‘fun’ de-potting these eyeshadows, and was quite messy, but as you can probably see, a couple of the shades are very loved.

The Body Shop Frosted Pastels

Along the bottom I de-potted three of the four shades from The Body Shop Frosted Pastels palette which you can see above. The shades are very soft, but I couldn’t make the blue shade work. I’m still undecided on how I feel about the shimmery gunmetal shade, but the highlight and taupe are very much up my alley. I’m not reaching for these shades much while my Collection pans are in there, as I’m actively trying to use them up, but I know they will be go-tos for me when they’re used up.

This concludes the eyeshadows that I’ll be reaching for throughout spring and summer. I will be grabbing for other eyeshadows throughout my collection, particularly to pair with the vast amount of neutral shadows I have, but these are the ones I see myself grabbing for the most. My intention for my makeup collection is to find my go-tos and stick to them until they’re used up, so this is a series that is really fun for me to curate.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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Review: Superdrug Vitamin E Lip Balm

Superdrug Vitamin E Lip Balm

Happy Friday! As the end of the work week is here, my mind thinks about getting rest and relaxation. With that in mind, today I want to review the Superdrug Vitamin E Lip Balm, which in my mind is one of the epitomes of rest and relaxation for my lips. As the brand name implies, it’s a Superdrug exclusive, and retails for £1.99 at full price – so extremely affordable.

Superdrug’s own-brand is cruelty-free, featuring the leaping bunny on their packaging. The packaging including the cardboard and the plastic tube are widely recycled as well, so I’m really happy to know I can be environmentally friendly with this product. This product is also vegetarian and vegan friendly, so if this is something that affects you, this is something to think about as well.

Let’s list the claims, the front of the packaging as you can see from above claims:

  • “Rich in natural Vitamin E
  • High in antioxidants
  • Defends the skin against environmental damage”

The last claim really makes me think this is designed with day-time use in mind, as something you’d apply before you go outside. For me, this is fine for the winter, when the weather is cold and the air is much drier. However, I use this is a night time lip treatment, so I probably don’t see the immediate benefits.

The back of the card packaging also has more claims which are as follows:

“Superdrug Vitamin E Lip Balm has been specially developed to help care for dry lips. Enriched with Naturally Sourced Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that will help to shield your skin against environmental damage. The nourishing lip balm also contains Shea Butter, helping to leave lips feeling soft and smooth.”

This is basically a more wordy version of what’s on the front of the packaging, but the mention of shea butter is new. Shea butter is known for being extremely nourishing and moisturising in skincare, so if this product doesn’t manage to do that much, it’ll be disappointing for me.

Superdrug Vitamin E Lip Balm

The packaging itself is simple: a convention tube, which you pull open with a twist-up mechanism. As far as design goes, it’s very simple: the pale yellow-cream of the main tube and the white are a very muted but nice colour combination. It doesn’t stand out or look exceptional but as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t need to be. This lives above my bathroom sink, so as long as it’s somewhere safe and where I can see it and reach for it easily, this packaging is more than adequate.

There’s a tiny bit of resistance when pulled the two halves of the tube apart, which is satisfying and reassuring. I’ve dropped this a couple of times and the lid doesn’t pop off. It’s also not so resistance that it’s a nuisance to open, which is helpful for me as I typically use this right before bed when I’m typically on the sleepy and less energetic side. As far as the size of the tube, it’s short and slightly thick, so it’s a convenient size for travel.

Superdrug Vitamin E Lip Balm

This also impacts the tube of product itself, which isn’t the easiest to apply over the lips because it’s slightly thicker than the standard lip balm. However, because this is my night time lip treatment type of product, this doesn’t bother me. It’s not difficult to apply on the lips either, but compared to a slimmer bullet, it’s something to bear in mind.

The formula is very creamy and has a slightly slick nature to it. I’m assuming this is from the shea butter. It’s this slightly slick texture that made me want to use it exclusively at night time, as it’s not the kind of texture I want to apply consistently throughout the day or before wearing lipstick. It is extremely nourishing and I wake up the next morning with soft and happy lips.

While I could use this with some time in advance as a lip primer of sorts, it does require time to sink in because of how nourishing and slick the texture is. I use this typically once a day as my last step before bed. If I wake up in the night to use the bathroom, I might reapply then, but on average I use it once a day. I started using mine mid-December 2018, and from using it on average once a day, I’m making slow but steady progress. If you do plan to use it as an everyday lip balm that you’d touch up throughout the day, you would definitely work through it faster. During the winter this would be what I would do, but now the weather isn’t as cold and the climate is getting humid again, I need a lip balm that’s a little less intensive throughout the day and absorbs more quickly.

Overall I am really happy using this product. I wake up each morning with really soft and comfortable lips, which is all I really want. I still like to apply a daily lip balm or a lip primer before makeup for my own comfort. But for such a cheap price tag, Superdrug is really offering a really simple yet effective lip balm for anyone who needs the nourishment. It’s going to take me a while to use this up, so I’m probably going to take a while to work through this product to try my other lip treatments I have stashed away. However, it has a 12 month shelf life, so I should be okay.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. It really means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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Review: MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m back with another review, and recently I’ve been trying out the MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil, which I own in the shade ‘Dark Brown‘.

Brow products for me are one of those makeup categories that I wear no matter what if I’m going to wear makeup on a given day. Some days I’ll just go for a really minimal and quick makeup look, and brows fall into that minimalism for me. I find that put together brows can make such a huge difference and let me feel more confident and awake even if I’ve only managed to scrape together 3 hours sleep. Along with concealer, it’s one of maybe three categories of makeup that are go-tos regardless of how much or little effort I’m going for.

So I can be quite picky when it comes to my brow products, because I do depend on them on such a regular basis for my makeup looks. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you likely know that I love The Body Shop Brow Definer pencil which I’ve reviewed in the past. But after working through my two pencils, it was time to find a new pencil to try out. I’ve had relatively good success with MUA’s products in the past, and for £2.50, this is a product that didn’t feel like a risk to try out. I’ve been using this pencil since the end of February, so I’ve got some experience under my belt now.

The packaging itself doesn’t have any claims on it, but to quote from Superdrug’s product page:

“Micro precision eyebrow pencil to create sharp lines and shape. With a spooly that ensures shade is evenly distributed across the whole brow for ultimate brow definition!”

MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t realise this product had a spooly to begin with. The product is dual-ended, with the spooly on end, and the pencil on the other. I assumed that the end with the shade’s colour was just to demonstrate what shade you’re picking up, so I was pleasantly surprised when I accidentally pulled open that end expecting the pencil, to then find a spooly! Brow products that have spoolies are always a positive in my books, but because I keep disposable mascara wands for when brow products don’t have them, it’s not a make or break factor for me.

The spooly itself is a really nice size: as it’s quite thin for precisely brushing through the brows, but not so thin that it’s not going to do anything. I have naturally thicker brows, so for me, it’s rare for spoolies to be too thick. So if you have thinner brows, I encourage you to check this out in-store if you can. However, I think it’s a good sized spooly, because although it might look on the thicker size, the packaging itself is very thin, so I think it’s a bit deceiving.

Typically I use this spooly for when I accidentally over-apply or press the pencil too hard at the front of my brows, and it softens out the pigment. I have quite shaky hands so this isn’t really a fault of the pencil, but rather my lack of control.

MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil

On the topic of the pencil itself, it’s relatively thin and more rounded. I’m not a fan of pencils that are more rectangular, as I find it gives me less control of where the pigmentation goes, but that’s ultimately down to preference. In the past month and a bit that I’ve been using the product, I’ve used up quite a lot, but there’s still a lot left. So I think this is a product that you’ll work through quickly and replace often, but for a £2.50 price tag, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. At worst for me it’s just a matter of having replacements ready.

MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil

As far as pigmentation goes, it’s not crazy pigmented which I prefer in a brow pencil, as it’s more forgiving for clumsy old me. However you can definitely amp it up if you press harder. It’s not smudge-proof if you accidentally rub your brows, but my experience so far has been great: it lasts all day even with my oily skin, and so long as I don’t rub my brows (something I should just avoid doing regardless of wearing makeup or not) my brows still look put together at the end of the day.

I won’t go as far as to say it looks as good at the end of the day as it does at the start: as there is some minor fading typically, but it’s barely noticeable for me. I think this is partially because I have thick brows and my individual brow hairs are quite long, so I do have relatively full looking brows to start with. However, because my hairs like to move a lot, I do have to work with sparse areas between the individual hairs, which is what I use this pencil to help with. My brows still look put together at the end of the day, and I think this is partially from the integrity of the product, but also from my overall brow routine.

MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil
From a day of testing a lot of new products~

My brow routine starts with using this pencil to fill in the sparse areas in the main area of my brows, although this doesn’t include the front of my brows. Sometimes this also includes straightening up the arch of my brows if I want a slightly softer looking brow.

When I’m satisfied with that, I take my GOSH Brow Kit which I’ve reviewed in the past, and use a medium brown shade to fill in the front of my brows. I also take the dark brow shade and set down my brows where I’ve applied the pencil. The GOSH Brow Kit is part of my Project Pan that I’m working on at the moment, so while I don’t need to use powders to set this pencil, I am working through product so I feel motivated to use it as often as possible.

Finally, I grab my brow gel and run it through the brows. It’s not a necessary step for me, but I love how pampered my brows feel and the extra staying power is also nice. I’m currently working through the L’OREAL Brow Artist Plumper in ‘Medium/Dark‘. It’s not cruelty-free, but as it was from my stash I’m just working through it so I can move on to my cruelty-free back ups. I’ve also reviewed this product on my blog.

Overall I think this creates a really polished brow look, without looking over the top. If I want a really subtle brow look, I can use this product on its own. But my brows are something I really enjoy putting a little extra effort into most of the time. Would I repurchase this product again? I absolutely would. It’s taken me some time to get used to the precise nature of the nib and the slim packaging, as I’ve been so used to using my beloved The Body Shop Brow Definer pencil, but now I feel really confident using this pencil.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

Products Worn:

  • L’OREAL Nude Magique Cushion (shade name not on packaging)
  • Bourjois 1 2 3 CC Eye Cream (in ’21 Ivory’)
  • Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder (in ‘021 Translucent‘)
  • GOSH Giant Blush (in ‘06 Pink Parfait‘)
  • MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil (in ‘Dark Brown‘)
  • GOSH Brow Kit (in ‘001‘)
  • L’OREAL Brow Artist Plumper (in ‘Medium/Dark‘)
  • GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes (in ‘001 Sand‘)
  • GOSH Eyelight Trio (in ‘002 Fairytale‘)
  • MUA Ever After – Matte Palette (used the shade ‘Penny‘)
  • NYX Nude Matte Shadow (in ‘Haywire‘)
  • NYX Epic Ink Liner (in ‘Brown‘)
  • L’OREAL Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara (in ‘Purple‘)
  • Boots No.7 Moisture Drench Lipstick (in ‘320 Spring Pink‘)

Makeup Tools:

  • Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki Brush
  • B. Cosmetics Eye Contour Brush
  • Eco Tools Eyeshadow Brush (not sure of the specific name as it’s rubbed off, apologies)
  • Real Techniques Shading Brush
  • Eco Tools Eye Shading Brush (from a travel set)
  • Eco Tools Highlighting Brush (from a travel set)
  • Eco Tools Large Eye Brush (from a travel set)
  • Eco Tools Smudge Brush (from a travel set)
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Spring and Summer Go-To Cheek Products – 2019:

Spring and Summer Go-To Cheek Products - 2019

Happy Monday! As spring is really becoming a consistent state for us in the UK, I’ve begun to switch out my makeup from autumn and winter, and picking out products I want to wear through spring and summer. Today I’m combining three categories together: blushes, contour and highlighters, into one category and I’m going to talk about why they’re in my makeup collection right now. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Spring and Summer Go-To Cheek Products - 2019
Why is it they look focused on my phone, but on my PC it’s a different story? D:

Starting with my blushes: I pulled out the two shades of the GOSH Giant Blush that were stashed away, in the shades ‘04 Passion‘ and ‘06 Pink Parfait‘ respectively. GOSH is a brand I really love, as they’re not only cruelty-free, but they have a lot of really great products.

I currently have their brow kit on the go, which I discussed in my Project Pan post recently, as well as being a fan of their Velvet Touch Eyeliner which I owned in a brown shade, which I have also reviewed. So I pulled these out wanting to try a cream based blush product and thought both of these shades are spring and summery for me.

As blushes are new to me, I don’t have much experience with them, but my plan is to try them out and I’ll review them properly in the future. So far I’m using my Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki Brush to blend these out on the cheeks and it’s working well so far.

Spring and Summer Go-To Cheek Products - 2019

The shades themselves are really pretty, with ‘04 Passion‘ being a more pink-based red, while ‘06 Pink Parfait‘ is a much more feminine looking pink. I like both shades, but ‘04 Passion‘ leans more on the warm side while still being on the cool end of the spectrum. So far I’m liking ‘04 Passion‘ the most as it’s more approachable for me, but I really like ‘06 Pink Parfait‘ as well, although it’s a shade I lean for when I make extremely cool toned looks. These soft yet vibrant tones really appeal to me for the spring and summer so I’m looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone with a cream-based blush line-up.

I did consider putting the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Airbrushing Blush in ‘Natural‘ in my cheek drawer, but I ended up deciding against this as I wanted to devote my time to using up my cream blushes first. They’ll expire long before my powder blushes, so this is sitting my box of benched makeup products for the time being. I picked up this blush during my trip to Canada and America back in 2016, and you’re welcome to read my haul post if you’re interested.

Spring and Summer Go-To Cheek Products - 2019

Moving to contour and highlighter, while I don’t contour very often, I do keep at least one product in my cheek drawer for just in case. You’re likely familiar with this product, but if you’re not, this is the NYX High Definition Blush in the shade ‘Taupe‘. It doesn’t look quite so dark in-person, but it’s a product I used to own in the older packaging, and found wasn’t particularly pigmented… But I picked up the new packaging to see if this issue still persists, and I’ll review this in time when I give it a good shot.

As far as highlighters go, I pulled out both shades of the MeMeMe Beat The Blues highlighters, but I passed along the shade ‘Oyster Gold‘ in my February and March Products I Passed Along post. The shade I kept and I’m using is called ‘Pearl Pink’ and is a pink-toned (obviously) liquid highlighter. This is light enough for my skin to actually perform as a highlighter but not so pink-toned that it looks silly on my neutral-cool skin tone. I’m still figuring out how to use highlighters best – particularly liquid ones – but I’m devoted to only using this highlighter for the time being.

Spring and Summer Go-To Cheek Products - 2019

As far as pigmented for these products go, I found the NYX product didn’t swatch impressively, but ultimately I’m going to use a brush to apply this product so bear this in mind.

The highlighter though, I really like just tap the brush onto the back of my hand, then use my ring finger to tap into it, then tap along my cheekbones and build up from there. This is working for me so far, but I plan to experiment with brushes, my beauty sponge, etc.

And this concludes the cheek products I plan to use throughout spring and summer this year. I will be reviewing these products as time goes by and my experience reaches as an appropriate point. I’m really enjoying dedicating my time to specific products, as it let’s me get to know them properly, rather than just swapping out products on a daily or weekly basis. I also enjoy seeing my progress as I work through them, especially knowing I’m avoiding wasting my products.

I plan to write up my go-tos for other product categories, so I hope you’ll look forward to reading those. In the meantime, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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Review: Lanoliné Ultra Firming Eye Créme

Lanoliné Ultra Firming Eye Créme

Happy Friday, today we’re going to round up the work week with a first impression of a product that’s been sat in my night time routine lately. This is the Lanoliné Ultra Firming Eye Créme, which I picked from TK Maxx for £6.99. This is fairly affordable compared to a lot of eye creams I’ve seen on the market, and is also allegedly a cruelty-free brand.

I’m not extremely familiar with the brand, but I was curious to try out this eye cream when I had a gap in my stash. Like with most eye creams my major concern was how thick and heavy the formula would be which is one of those factors that I’m going to talk about a bit later.

Lanoliné Ultra Firming Eye Créme

I want to address the claims first and get those out of the way, and I’m going to start with the front of the box. The two key terms I want to look at first are along the bottom which say “soothes” and “relaxes”. These are fairly vacuous on their own, but my interpretation of these two words together is that it’s going to be good as a night time eye cream. In my mind, it creates images of massaging the cream into my eye area as a mini pampering session.

Lanoliné Ultra Firming Eye Créme

The second set of claims are on another side of the box which are as follows:

Lanoliné Vitamin C Ultra Firming Eye Créme is an advanced eye moisturising créme infused with Vitamin C and Collagen, helping to moisturise delicate skin around the eye, while helping to refresh and sooth[e].

Directions: Gently apply around the contours of the eyes, using the finger tips in an upward outward motion. Use morning and evening.”

I’m not sure what they consider to be “advanced” about this product, or if it’s all for marketing, but the parts that appealed to me are about refreshing and soothing the skin. My eye area is an especially finicky area of my face, as it’s oily on my lids, while also being extremely sensitive. My under-eyes are also prone to clogged pores, and while I’m only in my mid-20s right now, I am being conscientious to look after my eyes and prevent wrinkles from developing prematurely outside any natural lines that form from the movement of the muscles of my face. Another one of the issues I find with my eyes is the skin directly under my eyes – so where you’d apply eyeshadow or liner along the lash line – are especially prone to dryness and irritation, and are prone to redness and irritation. I’m not sure what causes this, but it’s another factor I need to consider where using any form of product on my skin. So the claim to be “soothing” really stands out to me as my eye area is temperamental in the ways I just described.

Lanoliné Ultra Firming Eye Créme

The packaging itself is fairly simple: An orange tub with a silver twist cap. When twisted fully shut, the cap has a nice resistance to it before it then gives way to opening it. That’s really reassuring for me as although I wouldn’t necessarily travel with this specific eye cream, if I were to travel with it, I can feel confident that it wouldn’t open and create a mess everywhere.

The reason I wouldn’t really travel with it is because while this tub is quite petite and travel-sized, it has a decent amount of weight to it. This is absolutely fine for me to sit on my vanity, but for travel, I want to minimise the weight of my suitcase as much as possible. However I’m not completely opposed to it to travelling with it either.

Lanoliné Ultra Firming Eye Créme

When you open the lid up, one of the things that pleasantly surprised me was the divider that separates the cream inside from the lid itself. It fits comfortably inside the lid, and although the divider was initially coated in the cream (probably from the tub being upside down and shaken about during travel), now that I’ve used the product on it and kept my tub upright, it’s almost entirely clean.

I really like this design touch although I think one thing I would change is find a way to make it so you have to manually remove that divider by having it attach around the side of the tub or something similar in effect. That would give me more peace of mind during travel, and the extra step isn’t something that would put me off.

Lanoliné Ultra Firming Eye Créme

Inside the tub itself, the tub is filled almost to the brim with product, although as you can probably tell, I’ve started working a dent into the middle of the packaging. I’m the kind of person who, once I’ve started a dent, I work down and then out from there once I hit pan/the bottom of the packaging. This is just what satisfies me most, so I can understand if that’s a bit strange to you.

Lanoliné Ultra Firming Eye Créme

The cream itself I initially tried as a day time eye cream, and found that it has a slightly too slick texture for my tastes. For day time, I want something lightweight and absorbs easily, so the texture just wasn’t quite right for my needs. So I quickly moved this to the night time routine, and it fits my needs much better there. The slick texture itself isn’t a bad thing in itself, but it was just about finding the right time for it. I currently have two eye creams on the go for night time, and this is the second one. I will review the other one in the near future, so keep an eye out for that!

I think it’s the slickness that makes this cream have a ‘thick’ quality to it, but when tapped in small amounts around my eye area, it’s actually quite lightweight. It’s the slickness requiring time to absorb into the skin that makes it not so great for day time for me, but great for night time. The slickness also makes it great for gentle eye massages, and I enjoy taking a couple of minutes every night to just sit down and tap this cream into my skin until it absorbs and dedicate those couple of minutes as some ‘me’ time.

I could use this eye cream on its own as my only night time eye cream if I wanted to, but honestly I’m enjoying having two creams on the go right now. I definitely won’t use this up before the other one, but for now this extra pampering is really enjoyable. I wake up with really soft and smooth under-eyes, and so far they’re not feeling clogged or over-moisturised either.

Ultimately, I think this is a nice eye cream if you can get your hands on it. I think this would work best for day time if you have dry or normal skin, or you prefer a slightly thicker cream for your day time routine. If like me you prefer something really lightweight instead, I’d consider this instead for night time if you’re in the market for one.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me to receive your support. This week has been a busy week of blog posts, which has been really fun. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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YesStyle Haul – April 2019:

YesStyle Haul - April 2019

Happy Thursday, today I’m talking about yet another haul from YesStyle, as I fulfilled another £30.00 minimum spend order. As I’ve discussed in my previous hauls in February and March, I aim to fulfill the £30.00 spending threshold to get free premium shipping. This time around however, I’ve bought a mixture of clothing and cosmetics, which makes it a unique haul compared to the previous two.

So as you can see from my photo above, my package arrive with the packet of the clothing wrapped around the bubble-wrapped cosmetics. This seemed to give some extra protection for the products inside, although one of the boxes did look a teensy bit squished. I’m not particularly bothered about this though, as the products inside were unharmed.

Like my previous orders, which arrived in 7 and 8 days respectively, this order arrived really quickly. It was dispatched 3 days after I confirmed the order, which was dependent on the item of clothing I ordered taking between 3-5 days to be ready. The order itself arrived 7 days after that, which is remarkably fast. All three orders I’ve placed in the recent past have arrived very quickly, which is really impressive to me.

YesStyle Haul - April 2019

The package was held together by a thick strip of cello-tape, and removing it separates my package into two parts. I ordered one item of clothing and three items of skincare, so let’s go through what I ordered.

The item of clothing I bought is the ALIN Style Open-Front Kimono Jacket, which I picked out knowing the weather is going to warm up, and my office is going to become more of a greenhouse. I like to keep my arms covered up as often as possible, but most of my layers are thick cardigans, hoodies and pullovers. These aren’t particularly comfortable during the summer, so I decided this was a good time to find something lightweight.

I really liked the look of this kimono for it’s cute floral design that it’s in mostly neutral tones, making it more approachable for me to wear. I can see myself wearing this with a white summer dress if I feel brave enough to dress a little more femininely, or over a vest. I plan to take photos wearing it once the weather warms up, so for now, please be patient.~

I also like that it has a little belt made from the same fabric, which I have draped over the kimono for the time being. It has the same print as the rest of the kimono so it blends in really nicely.

YesStyle Haul - April 2019

I was motivated to make this order after wanting to replace my hand cream, so it’s the core of this order. Of course, I needed to reach the spending limit, so I must have spent four hours at least, just clicking through my wish list on the site and comparing products. That sounds ridiculous, I know, but for some reason I was really serious about this.

YesStyle Haul - April 2019

The first item pictured above is the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream. I don’t use sun screen often as I don’t leave the house often lately, but I need a back up of my EGLIPS Multi Unique Sun Block, which I’ve discussed on my blog in the past. I don’t want to get caught out during the summer, so I was happy to pick out a replacement.

As you may have noticed, this is the box that took a little beating before it was delivered, but the tube itself is perfectly in-tact.

The core of the order is the SOFNON Tsaio Calendula-Lavender Repairing Hand Cream. I’m hoping the product isn’t too strong in terms of scent, but of all the scents that I’m likely to get along with, lavender is one of them. I was surprised that the tube is made of some metallic material. It’s cool to the touch but I’m not really upset about it. I’m just used to plastic tubes for most hand creams I’ve used so it was a little bit unexpected.

I wish the box itself wasn’t made of plastic as I’m not sure if I can recycle it, but that’s not YesStyle’s fault. Otherwise I’m looking forward to trying this product out, so expect a review in the near future.

YesStyle Haul - April 2019

The last product I ordered is from Dear, Klairs. I haven’t tried the brand before, but I currently have a Vitamin E mask in my routine, and when I saw the Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask, I was intrigued to give it a try. It was only after I received the product that I realised this, but the instructions are as follows:

“After cleansing, apply an adequate amount of product to the skin and pat lightly to absorb.”

This might seem relatively trivial, which arguably it is, but this is what I like to do for my current Vitamin E face mask, which I re-purposed to work like a sleeping mask rather than a wash-off style mask. So there was a strange yet amusing feeling delight when I was reading these instructions earlier.

Either way I’m feeling really excited to try all of the products I ordered this time around, and I will review them in due course when I use them. So thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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Products I’m Passing On – February & March 2019:

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

Boy we have a long post today! I skipped writing a post last month as I didn’t think there were enough products to justify it, so we’re merging February and March together today. These are all products that are going to be passed along to my mum to pick through and keep what she likes. For reasons I’m going to discuss in this post, these are products that just didn’t make the cut for me. So let’s jump in with February’s products first.

February 2019:

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

Starting with eye-based products, the first is the Max Factor Excess Shimmer in the shade ‘20 Copper‘. This product is a cream based eyeshadow which I tested mostly as an eyeshadow base. It’s a very pretty shade I’d consider a bit more taupe-y than copper, but still very nice. What turned me off is that it’s mostly shimmer rather than a pigmented base. I also prefer to use matte bases for my eyes, so it was overall not the right fit for me.

One brow product I am passing along is the Maybelline Brow Satin Smoothing Duo-Brow Pencil & Filling Powder. I talked about throwing out the shade ‘Medium Brown‘ yesterday in my monthly empties post, but today I’m passing along the shade ‘Dark Brown‘. It just wasn’t quite doing the job I wanted from it, which was defined looking brows. I’m quite particular with my brow products after falling in love with The Body Shop Brow Definer, and I guess it just didn’t live up to its standards.

An eyeshadow stick I’m passing along is the E.L.F. Eyeliner & Shadow Stick which has the shades ‘Glow‘ and ‘Pearl‘. This was for a time my go-to highlight for the inner corner of my eyes, but if you read my monthly favourites post for March, I have other products I love for this job better. It’s still in good shape though, so I think it deserves a home that will actually appreciate it.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

The last of February’s products are a cheek and lip product. First of all we have the W7 Chunky Cheeks cheek product in ‘New York‘. It’s a stick based cream product that applies fairly well on the skin. It’s a flattering shade of pink for my skin tone, but I that during the colder climate it’s not warm enough apply to the skin in a way that let’s it be blendable. As much as I think the shade is cute, I wasn’t in love with it enough to keep it around.

The next product is one that leaves my head scratching as I’m not sure what it’s specifically called and I had a really hard time finding any information of it online. It’s by L’OREAL though and I bought 3 shades of this product long before I went actively cruelty-free. The product itself is a matte powder lip product which was intriguing in itself. The two shades I’m keeping are ‘004 Oops I Pink It Again‘ and ‘007 Say My Name‘ which are a medium pink and warm red, respectively. These shades are really flattering on my lips and I was going to review them if I could find out what the name of the product is. The shade I’m passing along however is called ‘002 Virgin‘ which on the surface looks like my ideal everyday pink shade. However on the lips it really fought against the natural pigmentation of my lips that the other two shades don’t do. So I’ve decided to pass this specific shade along.

March 2019:

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

Now we’re getting into the bulk of this post. I want to start with hair products this time, with the TRESemmé Salon Finish Hairspray being the bulkiest product of today’s post. If my infrequent discussion about hair products or my hair in general is anything to go by, I’m quite low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I rarely style my hair or use much product, so a bottle this big is excessive. I messaged mum ahead of time regarding this product specifically because of the size, but she happily told me she can never have too much hairspray. With how infrequently I style my hair, if I ever need a new hairspray bottle, I’m going to stick to travel size bottles instead.

When organising my stash recently, I realised I had two unopened travel size bottles of the Trevor Sorbie Frizz Free Smoothing Spray. I’ve kept the other bottle, but I just don’t I won’t need both. I’ll eventually get around to trying this product so I’ll discuss it once I get around to it.

Two products I initially took to Canada and America with me are the travel size bottles of the Aussie Miracle Moist line, with both the shampoo and conditioner. I held onto both of these for a long time in my sample stash thinking I’d get around to using these up. However I went to Canada back in 2016 and they’re still just sitting here. My mum and stepdad take weekend trips from time to time, so she might make use of them instead.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

I’m passing on a sheet mask which I found a bit too sensitising for my skin. This is the Superdrug Purifying Facial Sheet Mask, and after using another sheet last month, I realised it just isn’t the right fit for my skin. I don’t think this is a bad product, but my skin is finicky at best.

Two samples I’m passing along are the Tony Moly Brightening Foam Cleanser and the Tony Moly AC Control Acne Foam Cleanser. I don’t use foam cleansers anymore as I prefer gel-based cleansers more, so these are two sachets that just will never get used if I don’t pass them along. I’m not sure what mum’s preferences for cleansers are or her skin type at the moment, but I figured it’s worth giving her the option.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

Moving to assorted skincare product, the first is the Wilko “So Young” Anti-Ageing Hand Lotion. The texture of this formula is extremely light weight which is wonderful, but it leaks through the hole you dispense the product from. This isn’t a big deal as it lived in my desk’s drawer, but I definitely wouldn’t take this in my makeup bag in case the cap opened and leaked. What made me want to pass it on is that while it is moisturising on a basic level, it wasn’t helping treat my eczema that’s been coming back intermittently since early winter. So I want to find a product that better suits my skin instead.

A product I’m sadly passing on that I reviewed recently is the Boots Simply Sensitive Deep Cleansing Mask. I started experiencing unpredictable irritation around the mouth. I’m not sure what the exact cause is, but my best guess is my allergies making my skin more sensitised. The product itself overall isn’t bad, as I don’t think it’s going cause irritation for everyone, but it’s just not the right mask for me anymore.

A product I hoped to really love is the EGLIPS JolieBébé Lip Polish. While it does a good enough job as a lip scrub, what ultimately turned me away from this product is the scent. It has a really sweet artificial candy scent that reminds me a lot of the orange flavoured Starbursts. But it was too intrusive for me, so I’m passing it along.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

The first batch of makeup products are bases and highlighters. A product I picked up in America during my trip back in 2016 is the L’OREAL True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup in the shade ‘N1 Soft Ivory‘. As far as shade match goes, it’s slightly darker than my skin tone, however because the texture is so barely-there, it was quite forgiving. It’s this barely-there coverage that makes me pass this along. When I do apply face products I tend to want some coverage, whether it’s from a foundation, or more often from a concealer. So it doesn’t fit my needs, but it might be a good introduction to face products for my mum.

After decluttering the cream counterpart to this product, I’m passing along the MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder Palette. It doesn’t make sense to me to have a powder variation of colour correctors, so while I had good intentions of using it when I bought it, time has changed my mind.

A product that calls itself a blush but is more of a highlighter is the E.L.F. Blush in ‘Gotta Glow‘. It’s a very yellow-toned highlighter and is one I’ve dabbled with here and there for a few months, trying to figure out how I felt about it. Tone-wise, I tend to have an awkward time finding highlighters that fit my neutral undertones, as many lean very warm or very cool, with both not looking quite right on me. This is one that I couldn’t quite decide if it looked good on me. However I decided during March that I was done trying to figure it out as it wasn’t worth the indecision.

During March I grabbed both shades of the previously available MeMeMe Beat The Blues Highlighters, although I settled on passing along the shade ‘Oyster Gold‘. I have the pinker shade still in my collection at the moment, but this is one I also struggled with indecision about. While it’s not too warm, it was mostly a matter of tone working for my pale skin. At a distance it looked okay, but I slowly realised it’s just slightly too dark.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

There are a handful of blush products this time around, starting with the GOSH Natural Blush in ‘39 Electric Pink‘. This is a gorgeous medium pink shade, but way too intense for my pale skin. I was really upset by this as it’s such a beautiful shade, but I think it will suit mum better as she has a bit more colour to her skin than I do.

Next we have the Maybelline Face Studio Blush in the shade ‘60 Cosmopolitan‘. The packaging is a bit of a strange one as the lid opens upwards and not your conventional outwards. It was a bit strange and frustrating at first. The powder itself is very shimmery and really highlighted the pores on my cheeks. So while I think the pink shade is very pretty, sadly it doesn’t end up looking flattering on me.

A product I’m a little sad to pass along is The Body Shop All-In-One Cheek Colour in ‘Bubblegum’. I used to love this blush years ago, but for reasons I’m not sure of, it just doesn’t look flattering on my cheeks anymore. It’s an entirely matte blush which is what I prefer, but perhaps it’s too bright a pink to look flattering on me.

A cream based blush I’m passing along is the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush. This is in the shade ‘14 Soft Pink‘. This is the miniature size of this product which I bought years ago, and ultimately this came down to being too intensely pigmented for my skin tone. It’s a struggle, guys.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

I’m going to split the eyeshadow products into palettes and smaller products, so let’s discuss the palettes first. I’m passing along all 3 of my Revolution Redemption Palettes, which are lined up from 1 to 3, from top to bottom. These are products that have shades I really like – mostly the mattes – but with a major distaste for the shimmery shades. So only parts of each palette is enjoyable for me, so I decided it was time to pass these along as I don’t want to move home again with them. They’re not bad palettes, but being as picky about shimmery textures as I am, I’m basically being extremely nit-picky.

Unexpectedly for me my most reached for of these three palettes is the Iconic 3 which is on the bottom which has very pink-based tones. While I typically reach for more neutral-brown shades, I have smaller de-potted palettes that I reach for instead, and the Iconic 3 did fill a gap in my collection. However I’m not so passionate about this palette to keep it around anymore.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

An eyeliner you might not be expecting to see as I talked about it in a blog post in my February Empties 2019 post, is the Holika Holika Magic Pole Eyeliner 2x in ‘02 Brown‘. I asked my mum in the end if she’d like to try this liner out after being disappointed with it myself, and she said she’d be happy to try it out. So this moved from being an angry empty, to re-homing it instead. If you want to read my thoughts on the liner itself, check out the empties post I linked above.

A smaller palette I’m passing along is the Collection Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette. It’s a really pretty palette with a mixture of warm and cool tones, but ultimately it doesn’t bring anything new to my collection to make it worth holding onto. However, I was extremely impressed with how pigmented the black shade was so if you manage to find this somewhere and you’re looking for a pigmented black, this is worth considering.

Two NYC products I’m passing along are their Individual Eyes Palettes, which are tailored for specific eye colours. As I have hazel eyes that lean green or brown depending on a given day or my environment, I picked the one for green eyes and brown eyes to work around my eyes’ dynamic pigments. I opened up and tried the palette for green eyes, but haven’t opened the one for brown eyes. The concept is really interesting, but the colour layout isn’t quite how I’d go about my eyeshadow looks, so they’re not worth taking up space for me.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

On the home stretch we have lip products. The first is the GOSH Forever Lip Shine which is a balmy stick-based product. The shade I’m passing along is called ‘007 Funky Friday‘ which I pictured in my head when I bought it as a pink I could make a gradient lip with. However I was really shocked to find how much shimmer was in the formula. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know I’m not a fan of shimmer in my lip products, so this automatically turned me off. I did try it the lips a couple of times, but it just doesn’t look flattering on me. I am keeping the shade ‘008 Spring Fling’ which is an approachable red. It doesn’t have shimmer in it, so I’m having fun wearing this on days I want a red-based gradient lip.

A lip product I expected to love was the Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine in the shade ‘200 Glow-rious Pink‘. In my mind, this was another product I could aim to make a lip gradient with, but the way the pigmentation works makes this shade clash with my lips in a really unflattering way. However I do have the shade ‘300 Pink Rules‘ which is more flattering in spite of being quite a bright pink, so I’ll be playing with that shade more.

Phew… And that concludes the products I’m passing along from February and March. Quite the collection right? I really wasn’t expecting to pass along this many products in such a short time, but I had a really experimental month with makeup during March.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post, it means the world to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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March Empties 2019:

March Empties 2019

Happy Monday and 1st of April! Today we’re kicking off the month like we always do, which means we’re talking about the monthly empties. This month is purely empties from March, and there’s quite a lot to talk about. I’ve split this up in actual emptied products, and products that aren’t ’empty’ per se, but either not working for me but not hygienic to pass along, or just getting old and it’s time to move on. Like always, these are all kept in my empties basket until the start of the new month, so it’s time to empty it out and talk about what’s in there:

March Empties 2019

Starting off with the actual empties, the first ones are a handful of sheet masks. I used these predominantly at the start of the month, where I was reminded to look at them after my YesStyle Haul – February 2019 post. In that same post, I mentioned how I already had a sheet of the first product which is the Tony Moly Pureness 100 Caviar Mask Sheet, in spite of receiving one in that haul. The one I received in the haul I took back with me in a recent visit to see my family, and my mum took it off my hands. The one you see above is the sheet I already had, and I went out of my way to use this up after being reminded I had it at all thanks to that YesStyle haul.

Overall the mask itself was really wonderful to wear, and one of the design aspects I really liked was that it had cuts/slits around the jaw which helped it fit my face better than a lot of other masks. The sheet itself is drenched in serum, and even after nearly an hour of wearing the mask while watching an episode of a K-Drama, there’s left over serum to smooth over the face and neck. I won’t be repurchasing until Tony Moly is fully cruelty-free, but I do plan to use up the other sheet masks that I already have in my collection.

Three other sheet masks I worked through are from Superdrug’s own-line although they have changed the packaging since I bought these. These are the Purifying Facial Sheet Mask, Deep Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask and the Calming Facial Sheet Mask, respectively. I wrote a First Impression post on the Purifying Facial Sheet Mask, so if you’re interested in reading it, I encourage you to do so.

The Deep Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask was a bit intense for the cooler weather that we had during that time. However it has a really cooling effect so I plan to use my remaining sheets when summer rolls around: when the heat and the humidity really start to take a toll on me.

The Calming Facial Sheet Mask was okay but I don’t remember it being notable. One of the things I’m learning is that I enjoy sheet masks more when the weather is warmer and the cooling effects leave me feeling refreshed… rather than shivering. So in the summer months, expect more sheets masks to appear in empties posts.

March Empties 2019

Moving on to slightly more miscellaneous products, the first is a recurring product: the Superdrug Bee Manuka Honey Facial Wipes. I use these primarily to spot-clean my makeup brushes, however on really lazy nights these can be used for their intended purpose. They’re decent for what they are, although if you don’t like the smell of honey – or your makeup brushes smelling of honey – these may not be a good fit for you. I’m relatively indifferent as the smell isn’t nauseating for me, although I prefer fragrance free products in general.

One of my desk buddies that I used up is the Boots Skin Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets, which has taken me a ridiculously long time to work through. I’m not typically fussy when it comes to blotting sheets, but I do really like this one, and regret that I couldn’t find more of these recently when I went to replace this one.

March Empties 2019

As far as skincare goes, I worked through two more of my desk buddies during March. The first being the Palmer’s Shea Butter Formula with Vitamin E Concentrated Cream, which I used as a hand cream. I reviewed this product recently so I encourage you to read it if you’re curious about my in-depth experience with it. Overall I was pretty content and I plan to research more into the brand’s cruelty-free status by next winter when this kind of product will be needed again.

A product that managed to sneak in to my empties right at the end of the month is The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture-Protect Lip Care balm, which I’ve also written a post about. I used this exclusively as a touch-up lip balm throughout the day, and I’ve worked through it very quickly. It’s a decent lip balm, and hasn’t struggled during the colder days, although I’m not sure yet if I’m in a rush to buy another one.

March Empties 2019

I’m saying goodbye to a makeup brush this month, which is from a travel set I used to keep around, although this specific brush is the Eco Tools Angled Crease Brush. I’ve had this little brush for years now, and it’s getting to a point where the ends of a lot of the hairs are fraying. I tolerated this for a while, but in past couple of months I’ve noticed it’s performing less than ideally, so I’ve replaced it with a new brush and plan to say goodbye to this one. I considered passing it along, but if it’s not performing well, it doesn’t feel fair to dump this brush on someone else.

March Empties 2019

Moving to the not-empties-but-not-able-to-pass-along-either category, we’re kicking this off with some skincare items. The first is one is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, which unfortunately has completely dried out in the tube. When I decided to move another face mask out of my routine, I took this one out of my ‘Benched Skincare Products’ box, and was excited to try this out again. This used to be really popular in the early days of YouTube, with many YouTubers really passionate about this product. I eventually got my hands on this years back, and I must have used it enough times that it dried out while stored away.

The hand cream you see above is the L’Occitane Rose Tenderness Hand Cream. I kept this in my bag as my on-the-go hand cream, and it’s getting to a point where the texture is getting a bit gritty. So I’ve decided it’s time to let this one go, and I’ve replaced it with a new hand cream of the same kind of size and packaging. The hand cream itself was decent albeit slightly heavier than my personal preference, what I liked most about it was it’s convenience.

I’m getting rid of a few bases this time around, starting with The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in ‘010 Chelsea Porcelain‘. I started trying out this foundation after feeling a bit more inspired to try slightly more heavier makeup to experiment. The shade match is close enough that I can make it work on its own, but I preferred using my lightening drops to make just a bit lighter. Unfortunately, this product is extremely short-lived for reasons I’m not sure of, it breaks me out. I’m not sure if it’s just the formula itself or if it aged badly before I started using it, but regardless I don’t consider it safe to use or pass along to anyone else.

A product that I spent quite a while liking is the MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Palette. This has shades for correcting multiple skin tone issues as well as a highlighter in the centre. I primarily used this only for the green cream for correcting redness on my face, although I did try using the peachy shade in the top left corner for brightening my under eyes, although I wasn’t particularly passionate about it. Ultimately this is a great palette to have if you think you’ll make use of most of what the palette has to offer, but in my case… I decided to just commit to a green correcting product so this palette is more than I need.

Which brings us to the Max Factor CC Colour Corrector in ‘Corrects Redness‘ which is a green stick corrector. I picked this out of my stash with the understanding that Max Factor are not cruelty-free, as I wanted to work through this product as soon as possible. In the end, this formula is way too dry for my skin and looks patchy as a result.

March Empties 2019

I only have one mascara on the go at any time because of how rarely I use them, and when I tried out the Miss Sporty Studio Lash The Miaoww Look Mascara, I found the formula flaked off my lashes really easily. It volumises the lashes nicely, but what I liked most is how easily this washed off when cleansing my skin with a cleansing oil. The major factor that puts me off wearing mascara more than anything else is the effort to remove it all, as I often woke up with panda eyes in spite of thoroughly removing my makeup. Ultimately the tube is getting on the old side for a mascara so it’s time to get rid of it.

A brow product I plan to just get rid of is the Maybelline Brow Satin Smoothing Duo-Brow Pencil & Filling Powder. This is another one of those non-cruelty-free products that I was aiming to just work through, and while the formula itself is fine, the packaging on the powder end is flaking off and leaving marks on my hands, desk and anything it comes into contact with. As nice as the product is, it’s not worth tolerating the mess so I just want to get rid of it.

March Empties 2019

We have an assortment of eyeliner products now, starting with the Max Makeup Cherimoya Gel Eyeliner in a black shade. It comes with the little angled brush you see above, although I used my own angled liner brush to test this product out. In spite of thinking it was unopened, it was quite dry and difficult to build up pigmentation with so I decided it was not worth holding onto.

A product I’m a little disheartened to pass along is the B. Defining Duo Liner in ‘01 Black‘. It’s an interesting concept as it’s a dual-ended liner, with a thinner tipped brush on one end, and a much thicker brush on the other. But as someone who tries to keep liners stood vertically, this is problematic for distributing the product to both ends properly. I predominantly use the thin-tipped end as I have hooded eyelids, but there are times when I need the thicker end to create that bold wing to my liner when I need it. The pigmentation is good at first, but as you finish lines on the eyes, the pigmentation fades out, and is hard to ‘energise’ it again. Ultimately it’s more work than I care for, and since I’ve used it for a little while, I think it’s safer to just throw it out.

As winter is drawing to a close and my preference in shades shifts to suit the spring time, my Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner in ‘15 Burgundy Garnet‘ isn’t a shade I’m really reaching for now. It’s a few years old at this point as well, so I decided it was time to move on. It’s a nice liner if you like a slightly shimmery texture to your liner, however I plan to find a new burgundy alternative that’s matte instead.

Finally, ending on a negative note unfortunately, the MUA Matte Black Eyeliner is one I used once and immediately came to a conclusion on. After deciding to move on from my B. Duo Liner, I pulled this liner out of my stash expecting to bet for a few months. In reality, this brush is scratchy on my eyelids and the formula is like trying to draw with dried out mascara. A harsh description I know, but I think it aptly articulates the frustration I felt. MUA as a brand has consistently has been a positive experience for me, so my frustration is mostly fueled by my disappointment. Nevertheless, I don’t suggest this product at all.

And this concludes the products I emptied or I’m throwing out from March 2019. It was quite the selection this time, more than I was anticipating. I have quite the lengthy Products I’m Passing On post coming up tomorrow, so I hope you’ll consider reading that post too. In the meantime, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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March Favourites 2019:

March Favourites 2019

Happy Sunday! As March comes to a close, I want to talk about some products I’ve been particularly fond of this month. March has been a month of mostly repetition in my makeup routine, so the makeup products you’ll be seeing in this post are ones I’ve reached for a ton this month. So without waffling on, let’s just jump straight in.

March Favourites 2019

The only skincare product I feel is worth mentioning is the Belle Amie Hydrogel Collagen Eye Patch, which are under-eye patches intended to hydrate the under eye area. I plan to review this in the future when I have a little more time using it, but so far I’m really loving wearing a pair on nights I want to just slow myself down. I’ll typically watch an episode of a K-Drama on Netflix while wearing one, then take it off when the episode is finished.

One of the things that I also really like is the spatula that comes with it. The patches themselves have a gelatin-like texture (I’m not sure if they’re actually made from gelatin though) which makes them tricky to separate from each other or just handle in general. The spatula really helps separate the individual patches from each other as they’re packed in two stacks inside the tub, and helps keep it more hygienic. I keep this tub inside the drawer of my desk to grab when I want to wind down, and they’re proving to be really relaxing so far.

March Favourites 2019

Kicking off with a makeup brush, I’ve been really loving the Real Techniques Shading Brush. I use this almost exclusively for adding darker shades to my outer corner/crease area, and it packs in the colour really nicely. I sometimes use this brush to distribute colour along my lower lash line, but I usually prefer to use an even smaller brush for this. This is probably one of the few original makeup brushes of mine still in my collection, and I love it dearly. I have hooded eyes and as a result, limited eyelid space, and I find this brush is small enough that it let’s me place colour precisely where I want it. A lot of brushes on the market are too big and makes it harder for me (with my very limited skill with eyeshadow…) to create polished eyeshadow looks.

March Favourites 2019

The eyeliner I’ve been using almost exclusively this month is the NYX Epic Ink Liner in the shade ‘Brown‘. After quickly tossing out my MUA liner, I also picked up the black shade of this NYX liner, so I plan to review both of these shades together when I have enough experience using both of them.

As for this specific shade though, I adore the precise line I can create with this liner. So long as I don’t blink, this liner is really easy to use. But even if I do manage to blink and get liner all over my lids or my under eye, it’s also easy to clean with a cotton bud and some moisturiser. It’s a really ‘wet’ sort of liquid (I realise that sounds silly, bear with me) when applied, but given around 15-30 seconds to dry down, it then doesn’t budge. This liner has stayed put on days when I take long walks into the city centre, where I sweat, get rained on, and my eyelids get oily, yet it stays put. It’s really impressed me, so it was the first product that came to mind when I started writing my list for this month’s favourites.

March Favourites 2019

Moving to a combo, two products that are favourites of mine this month are ones that go together in my makeup routine: the Barry M Dazzle Dust in ‘105 Athena‘ and the Eco Tools Shading Brush which I use to apply it with. The Eco Tools Shading Brush is from a travel set I’ve incrementally decluttered or re-purposed, and is what I use exclusively to apply this loose eyeshadow powder. It has a really slim-flat set of bristles, making it really good for applying the powder precisely.

The Barry M Dazzle Dust is one of my favourite inner eye highlights at the moment. It’s a soft pinky-silver tone, and can be built up to have a really intense shine. This is a product I expect to never use up, as a little goes such a long way. I’m normally shy of loose powder products because they can be so messy, but so far I haven’t had issues with this powder. I like to pick some product up on the brush, tap it off into the lid, then apply the remaining powder still on the brush to my inner corner. Then I’ll rinse and repeat until I get the desired effect.

March Favourites 2019

On days that I’m not using my Dazzle Dust, I use the GOSH Forever Eye Shadow Metallic Eyeshadow Stick. I have mine in the shade ‘02 Beige‘, as it seemed like the most flattering shade for my very pale skin. This is what I use to highlight my inner corners on day I use my Eco Tools Shading Brush for another purpose in my eyeshadow application (like applying shade to my lower lash line) and isn’t clean enough to use to highlight my inner corner with. I love both the GOSH and Barry M products fairly equally, and it’s simply a matter of convenience which one I use on a given day. The only major difference that would make me take preference is that the GOSH product is slightly warmer in tone in comparison, so depending on my eye look on a given day, I might lean towards one instead of the other.

That concludes my favourites for the month of March. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope you are having a restful weekend, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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