Autumnal Go-To Lip Products 2018:

Autumnal Go-To Lip Products 2018

Happy Friday! Continuing after my Autumnal Go-To Bases 2018 post, I want to add a new entry to the series, featuring the lip products I will be reaching for throughout autumn and winter. You can see a few other products alongside them in my photo above, but the front six on the left side are all the lip products I have open and active right now. I have two others stored away for spring and summer, but otherwise, these are the only lip products in my collection that are, actively used. The others in my stash are still unopened and fully sealed.

Without further ado though, I want to jump in!

Autumnal Go-To Lip Products 2018

Starting with the front row, these are the lip products I reach for most often, in the My-Lips-But-Better colour group and then a tinted lip balm that you’ve seen me talk about before.

The first is the B. Cosmetics Velvet Matte Lipstick in the shade ‘Frow‘. This is in the first haul of makeup products I’ve bought since actively going cruelty-free, with B. Cosmetics being a brand that’s rebranded itself in the past couple of years and being cruelty free, so I’ve been really curious to get to know this brand’s line-up of products. In spite of the warmer looking tone on my swatch, this is a bit of a peculiar shade on me. On my lips, it turns very dark-lilac/cool toned which is quite different to how it swatched on the back of my hand. It’s a bit jarring, but it’s also a fun autumnal cool-tone shade so it’s one I’m experimenting with a bit before I give a full verdict. It’s a little bit of a drying formula on my lips, but I have been going through a phase of anemia as well as the cooler weather so this may not be entirely the product’s fault. So I plan to try this out some more, so don’t let this ‘first impression’ put you off yet.

The next lipstick is the GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in the shade ‘002 Matt Rose‘. It’s slightly cooler toned than my previous lipstick, but you might be thinking why I would have these two open side by side. Initially I thought the same thing, and planned to just try this once to compare the shade against my B. lipstick, then probably store it away again. However, I find this is more true to colour on my lips, and a bit more approachable for every day. It’s also a bit more well-rounded that I could wear this shade all year round and find it works with lots of different tones, themes, etc. I described this as cooler toned than the B. lipstick which I think is the case when swatched on the back of my hand, but compared to how they wear on the lips, this is a bit warmer because it doesn’t have a dramatic shift in colour pay-off when applied. A bit confusing, I know, but I think it’s because of how the B. formula works with my naturally pigmented lips. I’m really enjoying this lipstick as an everyday shade at the moment, and I have two other shades stored away unopened that I’m looking forward to pulling out at a later date.

The last shade of the first row is one you may recognise, which is the MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balm, in the shade ‘Cherry Bomb‘. I reviewed this product a while ago, so if you want an in-depth idea of my thoughts, I encourage you to give it a read. I expect this lip balm to live in my makeup bag when I run errands, as it’s easy to apply with a flattering and respectable colour pay off that really fits with typical autumnal shades.

Autumnal Go-To Lip Products 2018

Moving to the back row, these are the slightly more out-there shades for me, and ones I expect to wear less often, but are autumnal themed. The first is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipstick in the shade ‘08 Grand Cru‘ which is from the matte line. This is the last of my Bourjois lip products, and my expectation is that if I don’t finish it by the end of winter, I’ll have used it up the best I can as I think it’s beginning to expire. It may go sooner, since I was a bit iffy about the swatch, but watch out for a future empties post to see if I make a judgment on it. Otherwise, I expect to use this to create those ‘blurred’ matte lip looks, which I’m really loving the look of. I still enjoy the gradient lip that was popular in South Korea, but I’m also really enjoying the blurry matte lip look too. I think this is a formula that could achieve it really nicely.

The second lipstick is a personal favourite in terms of formula, and is the L’OREAL Color Riche Lipstick in the shade ‘376 Cassis Passion‘. While L’OREAL isn’t cruelty-free so I won’t be buying any of their products again until that changes, this is a lip product I’ve had in my collection for quite some time, and is a beautiful deep burgundy shade, in spite of the photo brightening it up. This is one of the more comfortable formulas in my collection, so if/when L’OREAL goes truly cruelty-free, I can see myself looking for more shades from this line.

The last of my lip products is the Maybelline Color Drama Intense Lip Paint in the shade ‘370 Vamped Up‘ and was a product I wanted to review. I had two other shades but in spite of appearing to be sealed… They weren’t. I’ll talk about this in more detail in my empties post next week, but this is the only lippy of the three that was actually sealed and unused. It’s a bit of a weird shade as the colour pay off on the lips is the palest aspects of it you see in the photo and not the darker parts. It still looks relatively good on the lips, but it’s definitely not a shade I find myself reaching for often. I could see myself using this as part of a Halloween costume makeup look, so if I don’t empty this by the end of December, I don’t see much reason personally to hold onto this shade.

These are the lip products I will be using through autumn and winter. While I have room on my display to have more open products, I want to keep my collection in a place where I can actually use up products, instead of letting them stay open, be neglected and then expire. I don’t have a YouTube channel (although I’ve considered it many times over the years) and don’t get PR packages to try the latest products. My collection is entirely made up of products that I’ve bought so the value of each product is one I feel directly.

With that aside, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again very soon.

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