Autumnal Go-To Bases and Powders 2018:

Autumnal Go-To Bases and Powders 2018

Happy Friday, today I want to talk about some of my go-to products that I plan to use throughout autumn and likely winter too. Specifically, I want to address base products and powders, updating from my post of the same nature I posted earlier this year. I mentioned in my Pre-Move Honourary Empties 2018 post my previous two powders, so these powders are very recent replacements in my makeup collection.

Autumnal Go-To Bases and Powders 2018

To start off, I want to talk about a product I plan to do a mini-review of as it’s a little bit exceptional. If you’ve lived in the UK for a long time or have visited in the last decade, you may remember that Superdrug used to stock a brand called Fashionista, featuring lots of different makeup products, and I distinctly remember having ‘build your own’ quad palettes to fill with eyeshadows, bronzers, highlighters, blushes, etc, before the trend really took its hold recently. For reasons I’m not aware of, the brand stopped being stocked in Superdrug stores, but one purchase I did make from the brand a few years ago is their Catwalk 360° Pressed Powder Compact, in the shade ‘Fair‘. Because it seems to be a discontinued brand, I’m reviewing this hesitantly, as it’s possible you may find the odd piece from the brand online somewhere, so I want to give my opinion just in case you happen to be seeking insight.

Typical me, I stashed this away for a very long time during my sixth form and university days and only recently decided to pull this out and give this a try. The packaging was kept pristine all this time, and the powder itself doesn’t seem to be affected at all.

Off the bat, I adore the packaging. While the photo at the top of the post doesn’t really capture it, the brand’s name is subtly printed across the lid which has a really soft sheen when it catches the light, and gives it a very sleek and classic look. While packaging isn’t something I consider a high priority when judging a product, I do appreciate the attention to detail and the consideration in presentation. The packaging as well is very ergonomic and easy to work with, with a mirror on the inside of the lid, which can also be turned and rotated for your ease. The overall size of the product is relatively compact and fits really nicely in a makeup bag.

As for the powder itself, it’s a very soft and blend-able formula, and what I use as a setting powder after applying concealer or as an overall complexion base. As far as coverage goes, while I have tried using the powder sponge that comes with the product, and it does help give light-medium coverage, I find this creates an obviously-powdery effect on the skin that I don’t particularly like. I find this is an issue with powder sponges and not usually the powders themselves though, and I prefer to apply this powder with my Eco Tools Kabuki Brush. It provides a much lighter coverage, but it’s much more natural looking and suits my preferences better. As far as shade match goes, it’s very pale, and while I could benefit from a slightly lighter shade, it’s a close enough match that when applied with a brush, it’s quite forgiving. It’s one of the palest shades of complexion powders I’ve personally seen so I’m quite sad the brand is gone as I would consider repurchasing it if I could (and if they were cruelty-free). While it kicks up a little bit of dust, it’s relatively minimal and at worst you need to clean the mirror every now and again, so far it hasn’t been problematic for me.

Moving on to a much-loved product of mine, the Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder is a pressed powder I used to use during my teens which I pulled out from my stash as a touch-up powder for throughout the day. I use the shade ‘021 Transparent‘ which I think is an accurate name, as it doesn’t create an obvious pigment on the skin. Whether this is true for darker skin tones, I cannot personally say, so if you do need input on that end, I encourage you to look for other bloggers who have the experience you need. The powder is as effective as I remember – in spite of it’s obvious destructive state – but I can’t travel with this compact anymore. The compact initially split down the middle after I accidentally knocked it off my desk, and it split into the pieces you see in the photo during a walk into the city centre. I could just ditch this powder for a new one that isn’t broken apart, but it does do its job properly, it just requires some caution when using it so I don’t make a mess everywhere. While I’d like to say I’d repurchase this again, Rimmel (at the time of writing this post) isn’t cruelty-free, so until this policy changes, I cannot make this claim as much as I would like to. I still enjoy keeping this at my desk for touch ups throughout the day and leaves my skin very soft and silky after application.

Last of all, a replacement for my MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Correcting Cream in Green, is the MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Palette, which features the same green shade, among the other correcting colours in smaller sized palettes. While I only see myself using the green shade, I am curious to use the other shades and see if I can get use out of them. The middle portion is intended to be a highlighter, but for my pale skin, I suspect it will be too dark. So far I’ve only used the green correcting shade for toning down redness.

And these are the bases and powders I will be using throughout autumn this year. I hope you found this interesting to read. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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