August Roundup/September Goals 2016:

September Goals 2016

Long time no see! Things have been a bit hectic (again…) but I want to catch you guys up on how my skin is doing as it is now September; which means it’s time to round up my progress from last month and set my goals for September. If you want to reference last month’s post to see what I’m referring to, check out this link.

I will quickly own up to my failure of continuing to use my sheet masks – evening streams are again my excuse as that’s when I relax in the evening, and as a nerd, games tend to be my way of chilling out. I’m definitely not prepared to wear a face mask on-stream so that’s my excuse summed up. So that’s one goal that has yet again, been re-added to my list of monthly goals.

My only other goal from last month was to make use of my notepad I made reference to (you can see it in my photo above), which honestly sits untouched. I need to find a way to get myself to use the notepad, as I think it’ll help me organise my thoughts so I blog more often – and hopefully consistently too. I just have a lot on my plate and haven’t worked out a system to get it to work. That I’m also working on.

September Goals:

As for fresh new goals, I’ve had some recent outbreaks of acne that are normally pretty unusual, and honestly, I’ve been terrible at managing it. I try to remember to acne treat, but never remember to do it reliably and consistently. So that in itself is a goal. I suspect that my Laneige BB Cushion that I’ve been using a little bit the past month might be a potential cause for it, but I’m not 100% certain, so maybe I’ll work out a way to test that out too.

I also want to set a new goal where I take my sample size products over to my partner’s place to incorporate in my skincare routine that I use over there, so that I can write more First Impressions posts. At the moment, my samples sit in a plastic container waiting for some attention, and since I tend to take months (sometimes 8-10 months) to use up full-size products, that my turnover for skincare tends to be extremely slow.

I think that’s it for September’s goals, I think this should be manageable, and I will reflect next month on my progress. I will be posting my Empties for August in the next couple of days, so I hope you’ll keep an eye out for it.

Until then, please take good care of yourself, and I will you all the happiness and good health in the world.

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