August Haul: Boots and Superdrug Impulse Buys

Yesterday I decided to take a look around town, and despite my best efforts, I ended up spending some money. I initially planned on just window shopping for storage pieces since my bedroom is in a continuous state of being organised and reorganised since I (inevitably) brought more home from university than when I originally moved out. While I have recently decluttered my makeup collection, and made it possible to organise even better than when I first brought it all home, I am a blogger, and as a blogger I’m constantly testing out products and trying to create interesting and informative (and of course, honest) content to share with you, so it means that even when I get rid of some things, I’m still in the mindset of buying more to keep myself in-the-know and actively exploring this massive world of cosmetics. So, to take you through my purchases, I’ll start from the top left, which means, the purchases I made from Boots.

To kick things off, I bought a few Soap & Glory products, as the brand was offering up to half price off most/all of their skincare. The product on the left is the Scrub Your Nose In It facial scrub, which I bought for £5.99, although it normally retails for £9.00. I’m quite curious how well this product will work for my skin since it claims to be an AHA facial scrub, so it’s meant to be more effective on the skin. The second product is the Fab Pore Daily Micro Smoothing Moisture Lotion, which I bought for £6.00, although it morally retails for £12.00. What caught my attention with this product was the idea of gentle daily smoothing of the skin, since my oily-sensitive skin easily feels clogged and congested, so I’m curious as to how well this will work with my slightly sensitive skin, and whether it makes a difference for how congested it feels too.

Next, I bought three packs of the Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-up Remover Pads, which retail for £3.99 each. I mentioned in a previous review post of the Boots Eye Makeup Remover Pads how I used them for cleaning up any swatches of makeup I use on my hands, and now that I’ve decided not to use those anymore, I decided to buy these ones by Simple as a new alternative to try out.

Moving on to my Superdrug purchases, the first is a product I’ve bought multiple times before, which is the Collection Pressed Powder in “18 Ivory”. Although I’m using a different powder at the moment, I’m currently experimenting with different BB and CC Creams and since I’m very pale, the likelihood of me finding a perfect match to my skin tone is extremely low, so a light powder like this one has been reliable in the past for helping lighten my face product just enough to not look too dark on me. This is a brand you can find in both Boots and Superdrug, but I bought this one for £1.99 from my local Superdrug after trying to find a non-tester version of their new matte balm lip products (I was not in luck there…). Unfortunately, the Superdrug website doesn’t seem to list this particular product, but it should be in any local store.

Next were two concealers, the first is the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover Concealer, in the shade “Light” (cause I certainly wouldn’t go for anything else, hehe), which retails for £7.99. I know some people might accuse me of being very late to jump on the band wagon for this product, but honestly, I have mixed feelings about this product. My biggest concern being whether this is too dark for my skin tone. However, I want to give this a try anyway, since who knows? I could be pleasantly surprised. The other concealer I picked up was the Barry M Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer, in the shade “Ivory”, which retails for £4.49. I didn’t plan on picking this one up at all, since I have enough backup concealer to try out which will last me for months, but I was drawn to it because of how surprisingly light the shade is. I used the tester to test it on the back of my hand, and it was almost as light (if not the exact same tone) as my hand! Which for any other pale readers reading this, you will probably understand why this was such a big shock to me. Plus, if all else fails and the Maybelline concealer doesn’t work so well for me, there’s a good chance this one will.

Moving on to the final makeup product I bought, this is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in “Pink Pout”, which is a matte shade, which retails for £7.99. After decluttering my makeup collection recently, I realised that while some shiny/shimmery lip formulas look okay on me, I’m not really trying enough matte formulas, and would maybe use lip products more often if the shiny texture didn’t always intimidate me so much. Honestly, I own so many lip products, but I’m not brave enough to wear most of them outdoors, but one colour I know I’ll at least try to wear more is a soft pink that’s reasonably close to my own natural lip colour. Maybe then, I’ll build some confidence to wear different lip colours on a regular basis.

Finally, I bought three drinks which I’ve been loving for some time now as an occasional treat. These are the Little Miracles Organic Energy drinks, which are different flavours of tea with fruit juices. I normally don’t like iced tea type of drinks – hot tea is much more my thing. However, I tried one of these out earlier this year, and found these weren’t half bad. My favourite of the three is definitely the white tea one (the one on the left) and these are nice options for keeping in my bag for my lunch break, when drinking water on my breaks gets a bit boring. These were on sale for £1.00 each, and normally retail for £1.45 in Superdrug, although some Boots stores sell them – I know the Cardiff Queens Street store did which is where I first found them, but the Boots in my hometown doesn’t carry them.

This is my early August haul! I don’t plan on buying any more products, so this should be the only one for a little while. If you want to see any reviews of these products in the future, then please let me know, and I will happily make sure to make a note of it. If you have any suggestions for products then I would love to hear about those too. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it means the world to me. It never fails to make me smile, and I love hearing from you.

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