August Empties 2016:

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Okay, so throughout August, I managed to use up a lot of products, so there are a few empties this time around. I’m pretty chuffed with myself, since there is a downside to making products last a long time – you end up hording products you want to try that you can’t get around to using quickly.

The first of the products I used up, is a bath and shower gel by Super Beauty, in the vanilla and honey scent. I found this in my local Boots for £4.99, although you can sometimes find it on discount so that’s worth keeping an eye out for. I personally don’t take baths in a traditional way: I tend to run my shower with the plug in, and as the water temperature stabilises I’ll pour some of this into the bottom of my tub and as I bath, the gel turns in to a bath soak. It’s a nice and simple product, but I’ve already moved on to a bath soak by Simple that I prefer. However, I don’t think was bad to use, and for 500ml of product and used as a shower gel, I think it’ll do its job.

Next is the Aloe Calming Toner by The Body Shop, I wrote an in-depth review on this product which you can check out here, and if you want to see this product on The Body Shop’s website, here’s the link for that too. The bottle I have looks different from the universal look they’ve given to their packaging now, but I can still vouch for this being a nice toner, and something I’ll consider going back to some time in the future.

Finally, is a the Simply Pure Micellar Water, which I did have plans to review, but finished it before I felt like I had a lot to say about it. So I guess I’ll summarise it briefly here: for a product that’s kind to sensitive skin (like mine) it’s a nice make up remover, but it isn’t mind-blowing. Waterproof make up will give this some trouble, but it is otherwise a decent product. I probably won’t repurchase it though as I have used better, but for anyone who finds some micellar waters too harsh, this is worth a look into.

These were all of my empties from August, and already I know I’ll have some things to talk about for the end of September. I hope this was enjoyable to read and if you have any suggestions for ways to improve my posts, please let me know, so I can continue improving as a blogger and writer. My next blog post should go up on Friday, so I hope you’ll consider reading it then. Until then, please take care and I wish you good health and happiness.

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