Manga Studio 5: Pink Haired Girl

Pink Haired Girl by Hollypop1993 on DeviantArt

My latest piece is one that I have completed in two “versions”. The one you see above is the one I’ve published. This time I had fun experimenting with hair, and quite specifically with pink and bright colours. I’ve found myself sticking to a habit of using colour palettes closer to my own natural hair colour (I do need to create art for my blog and Twitch channel so I guess I’ve been sub-consciously stuck thinking about it) and I when I was just casually sketching this out, I decided it was time to be more adventurous.

Hollypop Art Pink Haired Girl

I think this turned out pretty well, although the second version was something of an amendment where I properly lined out the sketch to see if it would make an impact on the piece. Let me know what you think of the difference between the two. Personally, I’m finding line-art to still be tricky, but I am seeing improvements. It’s not consistent yet, but I am seeing some line-depth but I know I need to accentuate this more. I really want to get a Wacom Cintiq to help with this as the hand and eye co-ordination from my current tablet really impacts my line-art heavily. I find I don’t trust my lines as much because I can’t confidently judge where my lines will be placed on the screen. When I draw traditionally on paper, I find my lines look more natural and fluid where as I’m still trying to break through that obstacle with my digital art.

As well as the line art, I did touch up some of the shading on the hair, and added some faint colour to the lips, just to imply some form of lip makeup and add some dimension to her face. I found my shading for the skin is a bit too subtle so I thought this would help redeem it a bit.

I’m still experimenting with how I want to draw and colour eyes, so this piece was a bit different from the past couple of pieces I’ve published here.

I used my Wacom Intuos Draw, Small as my graphics tablet, and used Manga Studio 5 for this piece.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how both versions turned out. It was a change to experiment with hair shading and I think I’m gradually making improvements. Even if the process can sometimes leave me feeling frustrated because it doesn’t always feel like I’m improving fast enough.

If you want to watch me during my art process, I suggest signing up with a (free) account on Twitch, and following me there. I occasionally stream Creative and gaming content, and if you drop me a follow, you can get notifications for when I’m live. I have a wonderful community there, and we have some really fun and interesting conversations. I would be overjoyed if you joined me.

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