April Empties 2019:

April Empties 2019

Happy beginning of May! As it’s the beginning of the month, that means it’s time for a round-up of the products I’m emptying/throwing away from April. I’m going to split this into ‘true’ empties, and then the ones that have either expired or I’m not sure are safe to pass along to someone else. The post for those products I will be passing along will be up tomorrow, so if you are interested, keep an eye out for that post tomorrow. So let’s just jump in.

‘True’ Empties:

April Empties 2019

Starting with skincare, we have the B. Refreshed Essence Lotion. This is in my project pan for my pre-move project, which you can read about here. I’m happy that I used this up, as although it’s not a bad product, it’s not one I felt was necessary either and wanted to move on from. I have written a full review for this product as well, if you’re interested in my full thoughts.

Another project pan product is the Superdrug Simply Pure Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. As I mention in my review, I picked this out because my other micellar water was too intense for my eyes, so I’ve worked through this quite steadily. I have used this up ahead of my other micellar water, and plan to use it for my eyes again since it’s also nearly used up, and my skin can handle it better now. I do think this is a nice eye makeup remover, as it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I would absolutely consider repurchasing it, but for now I’m waiting to start my next makeup remover to see if it’s needed first.

The last skincare item I used up in April is The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment, in the old packaging design. I picked this up when the old packaging was on clearance, and have used it consistently since starting to use it. This was an interesting product as for about a month this looked like it had days of product left, but around two days ago it finally reached the end. I really liked this for my T-zone during the night time to help my skin not only be moisturised but also combat some of the excess oiliness. My T-zone is the most concentrated area of my face in terms of excess oil (my nose especially) so I prefer to focus on combating those areas with a bit more effort than the rest of my face which is more tolerable. I reviewed this product back in October 2018, so if you’re curious my thoughts on it, I suggest giving it a read. I would definitely consider repurchasing it if they still sell it though.

April Empties 2019

I have a couple of miscellaneous empties, starting with Superdrug’s 100% Pure Cotton Wool Round Pads. I’ve tried Boot’s cotton rounds and a few from a couple of supermarkets here in the UK, and none work better for me than Superdrug’s. Some of the ones I’ve tried fall apart after I apply product, or fray just from picking them out of my storage for them. I’m extremely loyal to these cotton rounds and bulk buy them at the moment. Needless to say I adore these.

An empty you’re likely familiar with is the Superdrug Bee Beautiful Manuka Honey Facial Wipes, which I used for spot cleaning my brushes. I like to keep a pack of makeup wipes for spot-cleaning brushes between my weekly cleaning sessions. These worked great for cleaning off my brushes, although the artificial honey scent does linger on the brushes. This isn’t a big deal for me, but sometimes it can be a bit pungent for my sensitive nose. I’m not particularly loyal to any specific makeup wipes, I just try to find good deals or offers on cruelty-free brands at the time of shopping.

The last ‘true’ empty is a hair product, which is the Superdrug Pro Vitamin E Classic Shampoo. This is the first hair product I’ve bought since going actively cruelty-free (hair products take me a really long time to work through), and I found there aren’t actually that many cruelty-free options compared to skincare or makeup. Because I was starting fresh in terms of hair care, I wanted to start super affordable and experiment from there. So Superdrug’s own-brand product was highly affordable so even if it turned out to be not the right formula for me, it wasn’t going to be as big a dent in my wallet.

Overall the formula was a bit thicker than I would prefer, as my roots especially are very thick and difficult to wash product out of. However it wasn’t so thick that it was unbearable. I’m also not 100% certain what the ideal formula for my hair would be, as my hair is just so frustrating to work with. After hair cuts, the bulk of my hair is easy to manage, but it only takes about two weeks for that bulk to grow back in, so it really puts hair care products to the test.

‘Expired/Not Safe to Pass Along’ Empties:

April Empties 2019

Starting with some beauty tools: I recently picked up a body exfoliator from Boots, the Botanics Sisal Buffer. I typically use a loofah for doing mild exfoliation with my body wash, but it doesn’t always feel like it does enough. Many body brushes, mitts, etc are way too harsh on my skin, and unfortunately I found this buffer to be the case as well. In a lot of cases I’d consider passing it along to mum, but because this has been used several times and sat in my bathroom for a few weeks, it’s likely that it’s a home to potential fungus, pathogens, etc and I can’t in good faith give this to anyone.

Another ’empty’ of sorts is a facial epilating tool, which is starting to get to beyond cleaning up to pass along. I’ve tried to clean it quite vigorously but some of the grime still sticks on hard. Because of that, I don’t feel comfortable passing it along to anyone else.

April Empties 2019

Moving on to fragrances, these have both started to shift in scent and seem to be past their prime. The first is The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Mist, and the second is the Soap & Glory Mist You Madly. Both of these scents originally had refreshing spring-time scents, but now they just smell slightly off. So I plan to rinse these out and recycle their packaging.

April Empties 2019

Moving to body and skincare, a sunscreen I’ve had for a few years at this point is the Superdrug Solait Baby 50+ Moisturising Sun Lotion. As someone with sensitive skin even on my body, I picked out this sun screen initially with the logic that “what is safe for a baby’s skin will be safe for mine”. It’s not a terrible sun screen by any means, but it’s definitely past it’s prime after recently swatching it. I barely made a dent in a tube this big, and in future I’m going to stick to travel size bottles as I don’t go out enough to need a tube of this size.

A product I recently pulled out of my stash is the Polar Paris PureWhite Whitening Essence, designed to help treat dark spots. This is something I picked up in TK Maxx at least a year or two ago, and I pulled this out on a whim just to test it out. However I spent over ten minutes just trying to pump the product out to no avail. Shaking the bottle I could hear liquid inside, but despite my efforts, it refused to see the light of day. So I’m gonna just get rid of it and recycle as much of the packaging as possible.

April Empties 2019

Moving to lip products, the first is the E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator in ‘Mint Maniac‘. I originally looked for the original ‘flavour’ to start out, but could only find the various different flavours, and as a mint lover, this felt like a reasonable option for me. This was a dud from the moment I tried it as mine didn’t have any exfoliating texture to it at all, and was basically a stick of what I can only compare to dried up glue. I’m quite frustrated by this and have gone back to my Lush Mint Julip Lip Scrub instead after this experience.

A product I initially liked and was happy using, was the MUA Pout Prime Smoothing Lip Primer. For such an affordable brand, this product had the potential to be a much more affordable lip balm or primer for the amount you get. However I realised that paraffin is on the ingredient list and so it immediately joined the empty basket upon realising this.

April Empties 2019

Moving to two highlighters, one I featured in my go-to cheeks products for spring and summer post was the MeMeMe Beat The Blues in ‘Pearl Pink‘. I’m quite upset to be getting rid of this product, as it created a beautiful soft pink sheen that was buildable on my skin tone. Highlighters can be quite intimidating for me, but this one was buildable to a very intense sheen if you wanted it to. Sadly, the formula recently has shifted a little bit and looks like it’s separating in the bottle, so I’d rather not risk using it on my skin anymore.

After seeing my MeMeMe highlighter expire, I pulled out the Benefit High Beam highlighter as a replacement as they’re currently not cruelty-free. This seemed to have expired in the box before I even opened it once. It was very thick and goopy, and the formula looked a bit off.

April Empties 2019

Moving to a mascara I tried out the Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex Mascara, in ‘001 Black‘, which I pulled out of my stash. I have a lot of non-cruelty-free mascaras in my stash from my uni days, so I’m testing out the non-cruelty-free ones ahead of my cruelty-free ones to slowly purge them from my collection. This mascara had the potential to be really great for my lower lash-line, but sadly it had dried out. As Rimmel is currently not a cruelty-free brand, I won’t be repurchasing a fresh tube, but I will be keeping an eye out for it for if/when the day comes.

An eyeshadow stick I’m upset to be getting rid of is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade ‘625 Sparkle Nude‘. NYX’s jumbo pencils are much-loved in the beauty community, which prompted me to find a shade I’d like to try the formula out for myself. Because it’s quite a bit darker than my natural skin tone, it isn’t really a ‘nude’ shade for me. It’s more like a copper, and too sparkly to look good all over the eyelids. It’s also too dark to use as an inner corner highlight, so it took a while for me to feel motivated to try it out. I opened this up with the plastic wrapping still on it and it was too dry to apply pigment, or do so comfortably on my sensitive eyes. So I’m just getting rid of it, as it doesn’t do it’s basic function. I’m going to assume this is just a dud and not representative of the product itself.

Another eyeshadow stick is the Miss Sporty Fabulous Eyes Glossy Eyeshadow in the shade ‘160 Peanut Butter‘. This is a nice eyeshadow stick, but not quite the right formula for how I like my eyeshadows anymore. It interferes with other eyeshadows and liners being applied on top, and after a few years of being in my collection, it’s also expired.

An eyeliner pencil I’m sadly passing along is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in ‘004 Taupe‘. This is one of the original makeup products I bought, and while I didn’t use it a lot, it was one I liked to have in my collection for days when I want to give some depth to my lower lash line, but didn’t want intense colour. This subtly gave depth to my lower lashes without drawing a lot of attention, and just added some glam to a look. Sadly, this has dried out, so it’s time to say goodbye. Once Rimmel goes cruelty-free I will absolutely repurchase this, but for now I need to bide my time. If you have any suggestions for replacements for this shade, I’d love to hear them as I miss having this available to me.

April Empties 2019

Lastly we have single eyeshadows. The top two are from the Collection Work The Colour Nude Eye Palette which I de-potted a few months ago. While the shades themselves are very pretty, the way they apply on my eyelids makes them look a bit chunky. I really like the medium and darkest shades from this palette, and they remain in my customised magnetic palette, which I mentioned in my go-to eyeshadows for spring and summer post. You can see the remaining shades at the end of that post, which I love reaching for, and I have made some progress in a couple of those shades.

Another makeup product that I’ve owned for years is the MUA Eye Shadow in ‘Shade 19 – Matt‘. It’s a matte dark brown, and I used this a lot for setting pencil liners. This is one of the first makeup products I bought as well, and the packaging is so outdated I find myself grinning every time I look at it. Because it is so many years old, it’s reached a point now where it’s time to move on. It’s a little tricky to see, but I worked through a specific point with my liner brush and was very close to hitting pan.

Lastly, the Seventeen Eye Eye Shadow in the shade ‘Statuesque‘ is a shadow that looks like it’s hard-panning or expiring. Because I can’t confidently tell the difference, and because it is a few years old, I’m not risking it and sadly getting rid of it.

This concludes the products I emptied from April 2019. It was a lot more products than I was anticipating, but it’s great to remove them from my life now it’s time. I plan to recycle as much of the packaging as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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