Adjusting my Skincare When I’m Unwell

Adjusting my Skincare When I'm Unwell  Every once in a while you’re bound to catch a cold, flu, etc. At the moment I’m struggling with a virus myself, and while my body is doing its best to tackle this, my skin is suffering too. So to make my skin happy, and to feel more comfortable, I’ve adjusted my normal skincare routine slightly so my skin is taken care of.

Does my skincare routine really matter when I’m sick? Arguably no, you can argue that trying to keep my skin clear is a vanity thing and why should it matter when my health is more important, but when I don’t take care of my skin it feels dry and uncomfortable since my body is working so hard to beat whatever pathogen is making me ill. And one way I feel like I can put up with being ill is by taking care of myself. I mean, when my skin feels comfortable, I don’t feel quite so sorry for myself. Only my family will see me when I’m ill so it’s less of a vanity thing but more of a “I’m doing something good for myself I have control over”.

Although I haven’t shown you guys what my ‘normal’ skincare routine is when I’m healthy, I’ll talk you through the changes so you at least get a rough idea of what it’s like – and if you would like to know, by all means let me know and I will happily share. Anyway, let’s get started:

  Adjusting my Skincare When I'm Unwell

A typical first step in any skin care routine is to cleanse. This first step doesn’t change from my normal routine, and I used the Superdrug own-brand Simply Pure Conditioning Cleanser for Sensitive skin. This is a milk/cream based cleanser and I have mixed views about it, but it’s very gentle and helps soften my skin especially as it’s very dry right now. I’ll review this product at a later point if you’d like.

Adjusting my Skincare When I'm Unwell

Next is to tone the skin. I personally avoid any toners with alcohol in them, so this is another step I didn’t feel the need to change. I used the Superdrug own-brand Simply Pure Refreshing Toner for Sensitive skin. I think a pattern is starting here… Because this toner is alcohol free, it tones the skin while wiping off any excess cleanser. It doesn’t dry out my skin, which is great since the only time my skin is dry is when I’m ill. Again, I’ll review this later if anyone would like me to.

Adjusting my Skincare When I'm Unwell  

Now to take care of the eye area. I’ve been trying out the Superdrug Optimum Cooling Eye Roll-On for the past month or so, and didn’t feel the need to swap my products around. It’s very cooling on the eyes which feels great while my fever makes the rest of me feels ridiculously warm. Again, I plan on reviewing this at some point, but if you want to read about it, I’ll definitely review it sooner.

Adjusting my Skincare When I'm Unwell  

By the time I’ve moisturised my eye area, the toner has absorbed so now I can use my serum. One serum I’m really looking forward to reviewing is The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturer Serum. I’ve been using this for quite a few months now, and since my face is very sore and dry, this is a product I couldn’t set aside. Normally I would use a pore mattifier before this product, but since my skin is so dry and sore, there’s no need to include this step.

Adjusting my Skincare When I'm Unwell  

Finally, moisturiser. Normally I would use a moisturiser that will hydrate and mattify my skin – since my skin is normally very oily. But because I’m ill, I changed my moisturiser so it focuses on hydrating my skin. Fevers typically make people sweat, so I figured I should just focus on keeping my skin hydrated rather than worry about keeping my face matte. The moisturiser I’ve been using instead is the Superdrug own-brand Simply Pure Light Moisturiser for Sensitive skin. This can be applied over and over throughout the day if needed since I’m not wearing makeup right now. I originally picked this up to be a replacement once I use up my night-time moisturiser, but I don’t mind using this now since my skin needs all the kindness it can get.

So while I haven’t made too many changes to my skincare routine, little adjustments like not using a pore mattifier and swapping out my moisturiser have really helped my skin feel more comfortable while my immune system works hard so I’ll feel better. Once I’m feeling better I plan on writing a lot more for my blog. But while I have some energy I wanted to try and make a positive twist from this.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. It really means a lot to me that just one person could enjoy reading it.

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