A Little Discovery: Oil Blotting Sheets


I’ve heard about oil blotting sheets for a long time now, but never decided to pick them up. They’re used to blot/remove excess oil on the skin so they’re ideal for combination and oily skin types. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that I have oily skin, so why I haven’t tried these until recently might seem a little strange. It never really occurred to me to try this since normally I wear powder on my face regardless of how much (or how little normally) makeup I decide to wear. However, since my workplace is incredibly warm despite having air conditioning, it means my face looks like an oil slick quicker than it normally does. Since my skin is becoming oiler at work, I decided to avoid wearing makeup to work unless I had spots or acne scars I really wanted to cover up. Which has meant I wasn’t always using my pressed powder.

So while I was browsing through my local Boots, the Boots Skin Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets caught my eye, and I finally decided to try them out. I’ve only owned them for just under a week, but I want to share my experience so far with you.

First of all, these are small tiny pads of sheets, which fit nicely in my bag without using much space at all. Which is great for me since my bag isn’t very big and I need space to fit my lunch (food is important, okay?). They’re also very cheap at £3.99 each, although I bought mine for £1.99 while they were on offer. Each packet also has 50 sheets which is great since they should last quite a while before I need to buy a new packet.

They work very well for clearing away excess oil on the skin as well. I use them on each of my breaks at work and they mattify my face nicely and only takes up to 30 seconds to mattify the entire face. Which is great when I have my 15 minute breaks so time is precious!

The way the sheets work is that as you press the sheets against the skin (I personally try to avoid rubbing or pulling at the skin) the sheets pick up the excess oil on the surface of the skin, and as it does so, the sheets turn transparent. The sheets I’ve bought are slightly pink to start with, but turn clear when they’ve absorbed oil off my face. While it is a little gross to see the amount of oil it has removed from the skin, I also find it equally reassuring that I can actually see that the oil is gone. After using the sheets, my skin feels matte and soft again, similarly as if I had just cleansed it.

The Boots brand sheets that I have also claim that they can be used over makeup without smudging, but I haven’t worn makeup recently to test them. In my case, these sheets have been a non-makeup replacement for my pressed powder so I can let my skin have makeup free days to breathe.

Overall, my experience with these blotting sheets have been very pleasant. They work very well to absorb excess oil, although you can’t rely on these to absorb sweat – so if you have normal to dry skin but the summer heat is making you sweat instead of oily, then I suggest using normal packets of tissues first and if there is any oil left on the skin, then use blotting sheets. I don’t have anything especially negative to say about these: they haven’t dried out my skin, or caused any irritations (yet – although I’ll update this post if it does, although I doubt they will). I kind of feel silly for not trying these sooner, however, I am happy that I finally have.

Do you use blotting sheets? If so, do they work well for you? I would love to hear about your experiences.


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  1. Nikka says:

    I HIGHLY recommend Chambuu Facial Blotting Tissue. I personally use it since it’s organic and it’s made of Charcoal Bamboo which has high absorbent properties and it comes with 200 sheets for a cheap price.

    You can purchase it here —–> http://amzn.to/1Rg1Kjt
    Use this discount code: WYMBLF6S (code works. tried it yesterday)

    Hope this helps 🙂

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