1st October to 31st December – Project Pan Goals:

1st October to 31st December - Project Pan Goals

Happy October! As the new month arrives, it’s time to set my goals for my next instalment of my project pan. I’m being a bit more restrained this time, with only 6 products that I’m going to attempt to pan/empty entirely before the end of 2020. So let’s jump in!

Starting with a non-cruelty-free product, I really want to work through and use the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil. This was a purchase I made before I went cruelty-free, so this is a priority product for me to use up. I’m using this every day I wear makeup to remove every trace at the end of the day, so I’m working through this at a steady pace.

I have cruelty-free makeup remover alternatives I’m really excited to test out after this one, so I’m particularly motivated to finish this bottle up.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m getting very close to finish up The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion. I was somewhat hesitant to add this one because of the slow but steady pace it’s taking me to work through this bottle, but I think I stand a good chance.

This is currently the second step in my day time skincare routine, after my toner. So this is used daily, and I find I don’t need a lot of product to cover my entire face. I often use excess to cover my neck as well.

Two makeup products I want to project pan is the Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil in ‘Dark Brown‘. I use this most days I wear makeup to help add some definition to the sparser areas of my brows. Like a lot of brow pencils like it, I’m finding I’m working through it very quickly, so I’m fairly confident I’ll use this up in 3 months.

I’m also looking to finish up the GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen in ‘03 Brown‘. This is my most-used eyeliner in my collection, as I love liquid eyeliners, and I find dark brown is the most flattering colour on my pale skin. It’s showing signs of age, and inconsistency where the formula is running out, so I suspect I’ll be finishing this up before the end of the year.

It wouldn’t be the first time that an eyeliner has lasted longer than I expected, but it’ll be around the 6 month mark around the end of the year. So if it’s still kicking by the end of December, I’ll make a judgment call about whether to keep it around depending on how it’s performing.

I’m also including 2 of my desk-buddies. The first being The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream, which I use as I need to moisturise my hands. It’s an okay hand cream, but I’m determined to use it up. It’s quite a small tube, and I found I make progress through it quite quickly, so I can see myself using this up before the end of the year.

The last product is the second tube of the Beauty By Earth Organic Lip Balm, from my little box of 4. This is another product I use as I need the moisture, but I’m already at least halfway through this tube. So I’m quite confident I’ll finish this one up.

This concludes my more-condensed collection of products I’m going to work to finish up my the end of the year. Are you doing your own project pan? If so, which products are you hoping to pan? I’d love to hear what goals you guys have!

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