Who is Hollypop?


As a Blogger:

Writing predominantly beauty related blog content, I (Hollypop) focus on writing concise and honest posts. I aim to be as informative as possible while letting my personality shine through. While the focus of the blog section of my website is mostly beauty related, occasionally I’ll talk about other things should I find they matter to me, and things I think my readers might be interested in too.

As a Freelancer:

I am heavily focused as a video editor, with my portfolio being updated on a regular basis as I complete work, I do also take on writing jobs so if you want to work with me regarding video editing or blog content, I highly encourage you take a look at my Contact Me page for information about how to contact me regarding any work related queries.


As a Gamer:

I regularly stream on Twitch, and take great joy and pride in the community I have created since starting my live-streaming ‘career’ back in June of 2015. My community: the HollypopNation (hence the domain name), is an LGBT friendly community of individuals, and the focus I take as a streamer is to share happiness and safety, so everyone can feel welcome.

The games I play vary from older console and handhelds, to newer PC games. If you would like to see the games I have completed and also currently playing: I encourage you to check out my Twitch channel, which has an up-to-date list of my gaming habits.

As an Artist:

With a new DeviantArt account, I am slowly but surely building an art portfolio and developing my traditional and digital art skills. I am currently using a Wacom Intuos Draw Graphics Tablet, and switch between Paint Tool Sai and Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint as my art software.

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